Victims of Virginia Jaspers

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Virginia Jaspers was found guilty for the murder of three victims. We currently have information on all of her known murder victims.

Cynthia Hubbard 

Cynthia was murdered on June 24, 1948. She had been shaken to death, but the autopsy claimed that she died from a weak brain.

Jennifer Malkan

Jennifer, one month old, was murdered in December of 1951. She had been shaken to death, but the autopsy claimed that she died of aspiration.

Abbe Kapsinov

Abbe, eleven days old, was murdered on August 24, 1956. She had been shaken to death and then thrown.


  • Kathy Felgran says:

    I am now 63 years old, born in Hamden, Ct. which is next to New Haven. I recall my mother telling me that the live-in nurse they had for my fist month of life was discovered to have killed babies, by putting salt in their formula instead of sugar. I never thought to ask what happened to the nurse. I’m wondering if this could have been the same woman, or if anyone knows of another nurse whose m/o was salt.

    Don’t know why this is on my radar so many years later, but is now a mystery I’d like to investigate. Help appreciated.

  • susan matos says:

    Virginia Jaspers took care of my sister and I when we lived on Beers Street in New Haven . My memory of her is that she had huge hands and was a big eater of sunny side up eggs – When my sister was born, I was just 2 and a half years old. Virginia came highly recommended but my Dad who was the finest judge of character that I ever knew, told my Mom that he just “did not like her” and that if she was to help her, my Mom had to be home too. Finally, my Mom told her not to come back – Many years later, my Mom picked up the New Haven Register that was always left at our door and there were the headlines about Virginia. My Mom became so upset, that my Dad was called by our neighbors to come home. I’m sure that at some point, but not then , my Dad thought or told my Mom those famous words, “I told you so” – My Dad’s instincts may have saved our lives!

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