Joseph Naso Fires Legal Advisor – Again

on August 27, 2012 in Alleged Serial Killers by

Accused serial killer Joseph Naso has fired he latest legal advisor. He confirmed in court August 15th that he wants a new legal advisor, and complained about delays in the case.

Again, Naso demanded a court appointed advisor counsel at county expense, and again Judge Andrew Sweet told Naso that Naso would have to pay the county with whatever resources he has.

The public defender’s office has already determined that Naso is too wealthy to qualify for its services.

Naso complained about being kept in a holding cell while Judge Sweet worked through other cases on the docket. Naso feels he should be brought into court right at 9am.

Sweet reminded Naso that any delays in the proceedings fall on Naso’s shoulders, as he has several times fired his legal counsel.

Naso’s trial is set to begin in November. Currently.

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