Victims of Patrick Mackay

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Patrick Mackay was found guilty for the murders of three people, but is known to have confessed to the murders of eleven people in England. We currently have information on all of his known victims and eight of his suspected victims.

Heidi Mnilk 

Heidi was murdered in July of 1973. She had been thrown from a train.

Mary Hynes 

Mary was murdered in July of 1973. She had been beaten to death in her apartment.

Stephanie Britton

Stephanie was stabbed to death with her 4 year old grandson in January of 1974.

Stephanie Britton’s Grandson

Stephanie Britton’s grandson, age 4, was murdered with his grandmother, Stephanie Britton, in January of 1974. They had been stabbed to death.


A vagrant was murdered in January of 1974. He had been tossed over a bridge to his death.

Isabella Griffiths

Isabella was murdered in February of 1974. She had been strangled and then stabbed to death.


A tobacconist, age 62 was murdered in 1974. He had been bludgeoned to death with a piece of lead pipe.

Sarah Rodwell

Sarah, age 92, was beaten to death in 1974.

Ivy Davies

Ivy was murdered in 1974. She had been murdered with an axe.

Adele Price 

Adele was murdered in March of 1975. She had been strangled to death in her apartment.

Father Crean

Father Crean was murdered on March 21, 1975. He had been murdered with an axe.

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