This Week on “Very Bad Men”

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Tonight’s 10pm episode of “Very Bad Men” features serial killer David Parker Ray:

A 21 year old woman claims she has barely escaped the clutches of a sadistic attacker after 3 days of sexual torture.

When police hear her tale, they arrest a local couple in Elephant Butte NM. The community supports the man and his alleged accomplice who assert the young woman was a willing participant in their perverted sex games. When police discover a torture chamber, explicit videos and other evidence the couple’s guilt is undeniable. But it takes the testimony of another surprise witness to secure justice for the tortured women who escaped the Toy Box.

The 10:30 episode covers Kil Soo Lee, who isn’t a serial killer, but engages in human trafficking.

A Vietnamese woman seeks a better life in America, but finds herself trapped in a cruel and abusive human trafficking system along the way.

“Very Bad Men” is on every Thursday at 10:00 and 10:30 eastern on Information Discovery. It can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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