Victims of James Edward Wood

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James Edward Wood was found guilty for the murder of one person, but is believed to have murdered over a dozen people. We currently have information on his one known victim.

Jeralee Underwood

Jeralee, age 10, was murdered on June 29, 1993. She had been shot to death and then dismembered.


  • Patrick Kerrigan says:

    I don’t understand how he was not caught and sent to prison for all his previous supposedly documented crims.

  • I dont believe that the very people that think that “James was THOUGHT to have started his Murder spree” ..could go as far as to set up all the Bull to begin with…. not giving the information of James Wood Aka James Godwin’s father and mothers name. I was in deep shock of this after reading the book.. Which I had picked up along with that another book and tape of other people that are connected to my life…. this backs up my thinking of there is some one is following me and causing things to happen. To add that my ex was living in Pocatello as well with my 5 children with him and his name was James Wood too! and to add that in my Ball family book it is mentioned of another James Wood whom was my grandfathers distance cousin…. and of what is happen to me now….. The very thing that needs to be stopped is the use of technical devices that follow people every where.

  • Summer king says:

    I’m also a victim of James Edward wood I was his step daughter that he also sexual abused for years and no one belived me until now

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