Nassau County Remains may be Linked to Gilgo Beach

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Police said yesterday that the remains of a young woman found near the water on the north shore of Nassau County may be connected to those found on and around Gilgo Beach.

Nassau Homicide Squad Detective Lt. John Azzata said:

Obviously, we’re near the water, [Gilgo] bodies were found near the water — that’s a similarity but there are other dissimilarities so it’s much too early to say that we definitely have a connection.

Azzata said that the newly discovered victim died of trauma, but refused to give specifics. He also declined to say whether the remains were found in a plastic bag, as some of the Gilgo Beach victims were.

The new remains are of a woman between 20 and 30 years old. She was found wearing a gold chain with a gold pig. Investigators believe that the jewelry may indicate a connection to the Asian community.

More information will hopefully be made available after examination by a forensic anthropologist.


  • Christopher Witt says:

    I live near here, and where the remains were found are about as deserted and desolate at night (especially in the colder months) as any place on Long Island. Just a few minutes drive from where they were found is a busy Summer destination boardwalk and public beach that is crowded with families all summer long…

    • Brian Combs says:

      It’ll be very interesting to learn when the victim died, especially if the cases are eventually linked. Does the unsub use multiple dump sites (like Bundy and Ridgway did), or did he move spots after Gilgo was discovered?

  • edward casey says:

    What a waste of taxpayers money what a waste of money for all these death row inmates…..millions and millions and millions…he didn’t care when he beat there heads in…he is a monster and should be treated like one…hang him….end

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