Derek Percy Takes Secrets to the Grave

on July 25, 2013 in Alleged Serial Killers by

Derek Percy, known murderer of one child and suspected murderer of several more, died Wednesday of lung cancer in the secure ward of a Melbourne, Australia hospital.

Many investigators believe Percy was responsible for seven year old Linda Stilwell’s death. Linda disappeared from St. Kilda Beach in 1968.

Percy denied involvement as recently as last weekend, but has previously admitted being in the area the day she disappeared.

Gary Stilwell, Linda’s brother, said:

I would’ve thought at the end of his life he could’ve found it in his heart to actually give relief to us and to my mother in regards to Linda.

I don’t think anybody believes that he didn’t do it.

The Australian revealed this week that Percy voluntarily provided authorities with a DNA sample a few months ago. It will be used to try and tie Percy to other crimes. Learn about narcissist definition and how it affects people.

Unfortunately, many of Percy’s suspected victims have never been found. Even those who were discovered were killed long before collecting DNA samples was standard operating procedure.


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