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27 Weight Loss Motivation Tips: The Definitive Guide to Staying on Track in 2020

“The first step to achieving your goal, is to take a moment to respect your goal. Know what it means to you to achieve it.”

– Dwayne “The Rock”Johnson

Losing weight is about more than choosing the right diet and exercise plan.

Your shot at success depends 100% on your ability to stay motivated and stay on track. 

A bad diet plan will ruin your chances at losing weight and keeping it off permanently. Choosing a poor exercise strategy can also set you back, or even result in painful injuries and quitting entirely.

The wrong mindset however, will kill your dream faster than either of these.


Update: When I wrote this piece on motivation for losing weight, I reached out to dozens of experts in the fitness, health and weight loss fields. I asked them for their motivators for weight loss and most valuable advice for sticking with a weight loss plan. Then I looked to see what points they held in common.  If you would like to learn more about vitamins and fitness the Rootine blog has great articles about this topic.

As you can imagine, available techniques, diet plans and research on how to motivate weight loss constantly improve and evolve, especially when you work at a weight loss camp on the cutting edge of the industry.

Many of the fundamental keys to staying motivated however, remain timeless. Below, you’ll find the top expert recommended tips for how to motivate weight loss, and quotes to back them up from some of the best weight loss and fitness professionals out there online today.


Identify and catalog the reasons you’re doing this.

Many of our adult weight loss camp clients at Weight Crafters talk about reasons they came. Something that inspired them to start this journey to better health and a better life. The first and most important step in staying motivated is to identify exactly what this is, why it is, and find ways to remind yourself as you progress. For improved results try out steel bite pro.

Make a list of all the reasons you need this change.

  • I need to lose 30lbs before my wedding, so I’ll have wedding photos I’m proud of.
  • I need to get in shape so I can stop feeling so depressed and tired all the time.
  • I need to lose 100lbs now, so I will still be around to see my future grandchildren.

Be as detailed and introspective as possible. The more connected you are to your reasons, the more powerful those motivations will be in your mind as you progress.

Once you’ve got your list, keep it handy. Put a copy in your wallet, on your smartphone, or anywhere you can reference it when things get tough.


Set realistic goals & expectations

If a single mistake claimed more failures than any other, it would be setting unrealistic goals.

While it may be possible to burn off 10 or more pounds per week at Weight Crafters under the watchful eye of our expert team, this is never practical in your everyday life! Visit https://thehealthmania.com/Resurge+Review+ for more information about resurge supplement.

“I see so many women in my private practice for weight loss, and no matter their age, most have unreasonable weight-loss goals.”

~Dawn Jackson Blatner, R.D., author of The Flexitarian Diet

Most experts advise against trying to lose more than 2lbs per week, especially if your ultimate goal is to lose 30lbs or more.

Think about the facts of weight loss realistically:

The average person burns between 1,600 and 2,200 calories per day. To lose 1lb, you must burn 3,500 more calories than you consume. Therefore to lose 2lbs in one week, you’ll need to eat 1,000 fewer calories PER DAY than you burn. 

You can’t expect to stay completely motivated 24/7 either. Sometimes you just have to step back and take a break. It’s completely normal.

Remember that when it comes to your body, slow and steady is almost always the correct answer.


Avoid self criticism

Setting realistic goals will help prevent disappointments down the road, but failures and mistakes still happen. This is how Nutrisystem works.

“Take the focus of off your body. There’s so much more to life than how you perceive yourself in the mirror, in fact if you have a lot of negative self-talk spinning around in your mind, the stress will be more damaging and could even stall you on your weight-loss journey!”

~Amy Pope, writer for GymBuzz

Beating yourself down over failures and shortcomings is a bad habit that will kill your self confidence.

It will also increase your anxiety level. Anxiety and stress cause your body to react with cortisol and adrenaline. This natural reaction is intended to ready you for a fight-or-flight situation. It also lowers your immune system’s defenses, slows your metabolism, and causes exhaustion / weariness as it wears off.

In many cases, stress also triggers cravings for junk food.

If you’re serious about success, take note; studies show that positive reassurance puts the mind in a spot where it is easier to achieve your intended goals.


Weigh yourself once a week, and track averages.

Most people wrongly assume that a daily weigh-in is expected when they start their weight loss journey. Obesity usually leads to hearing loss conditions, treat them by reading these silencil reviews.

Weight increases and decreases for many reasons on a daily basis, and even depending on the time of day you weigh yourself. This can result in discouragement.

At Weight Crafters’ fitness camp (or “fat farm”) programs, we do weigh-in and measurements assessments only once per week.


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