Possible Fourth Victim of Kensington Strangler

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Another woman’s body was found on Friday in the Philadelphia neighborhood where the so-called Kensington Strangler has already killed three. While it has not yet been connected to the other deaths, it is being investigated by the Kensington Strangler Task Force.

Officials are awaiting the report from the medical examiner. It might tie the victim to the Kensington Strangler, either through cause of death or DNA.

One unusual aspect of this crime is that the body was found inside a house. The house is owned by Lawrence Hollman. He is known to let people stay in his house for short periods.

Hollman claims that a man and woman were dropped off at his house Thursday night by another man. The two stayed upstairs overnight, and may have been using drugs.

At about 11:30am Friday morning, the man left the house, telling Hollman that the woman was still asleep. Hollman checked on her, found her non-responsive, and called 911.

No identity of the victim has been given at this time.

Update: Police have determined that this death is unrelated to the Kensington Strangler. 25-year-old Crystal Dawejko, whose body was found Friday, was not physically attacked.

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