Possible Serial Killer in Paulpietersburg, South Africa

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Five people have been brutally attacked in the Dumbe area of Paulpietersburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Two of the victims, Bonginkosi Simelane, 31, and Ndumo Nene, 22, were found dead.

All the victims were found naked, and all were male. Police are releasing few details, but the person who found Nene’s body reported extensive bite wounds. “Whatever bit him, bit a chunk from his legs and other parts of his body,” he said.

The clothes were torn, but did not have blood on them.

The natural thought is that it’s a pack of wild dogs. If so, how were the clothes of the victims removed?

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife spokeswoman Maureen Zimu doesn’t think it’s an attack of wild dogs.

The speculation that wild dogs are responsible is false because all our wild dogs have trackers and the nearest game reserve is 95km from Dumbe.

Update 02/14/2011: Post-mortem results indicate that the attacks were made by an animal, but were unable to determine what sort of animal.

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  • khethukuthula maseko says:

    i wish all the killings of innocent people will stop, pls bantu base Dumbe lets love one another

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