Orange County Hopes to Extradite Andrew Urdiales

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Andrew Urdiales is on death row in Illinois. Given that Illinois governor Pat Quinn has just abolished the death penalty in his state, he is unlikely to face that punishment there.

The State of California might have something to say about that, however.

Prosecutors in Orange County are looking to extradite Urdiales. He was charged on August 5, 2009 for the murder of Saddleback College student Robbin Brandley and four others. On Thursday, they announced their intention to pursue extradition.

Robbin was killed on January 18, 1986 as she walked to her car after volunteering as an usher at a piano jazz concert. She was stabbed 41 times.

The statement from the OC Prosecutors says:

That evening, Urdiales is accused of driving to the college from Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton armed with a 6-inch blade hunting knife with the intent to murder a random victim.

While Urdiales would be eligible for the death penalty under California law, prosecutors have not announced whether they would pursue it.

And given that California has not executed anyone since January 2006, it’s not clear whether it makes a difference.

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