Support the Show

People have asked how they can support the show. The reality is that my income needs aren’t very high, and every dollar I receive from the podcast means I can focus more on producing episodes.

First of all, we now have a Serial Killers Podcast Store. It’s hosted at CafePress, and the show makes a few bucks on every sale.

Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

Next, if you’re purchasing serial killer books anyways, and I know you are, you can help out the show by clicking through to the book on the Serial Killer Bibliography. This will take you to, and we get a small percentage if you purchase.

You can find similar links on the Serial Killer Videography.

If there’s a book or video not listed, please let me know, and I’ll add it.

Lastly, if you simply wish to donate to the show, you can do so via PayPal.

And, of course, reviews on iTunes or your favorite podcatching system are a great way to support the show.

Your help certainly is appreciated!