Serial Killer Bibliography

Below is a sortable, searchable list of books about serial killers, both specific killers and serial murder in general.

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23 Days of Terror : The Compelling True Story of the Hunt and Capture of the Beltway SnipersJohn Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd MalvoAngie CannonAmazon, Kindle eBook
50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology: Shattering Widespread Misconceptions about Human BehaviorPsychologyScott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, John Ruscio, Barry L. BeyersteinAmazon
All His Father's Sins: Inside the Gerald Gallego Sex-Slave MurdersGerald and Charlene GallegoWalter Hecox and Ray BiondiAmazon
America's Bloodiest Serial Killers: From Jeffrey Dahmer to the Boston StranglerMiscellaneousTerry WestonAmazon, Kindle eBook
Anatomy Murders, The: Being the True and Spectacular History of Edinburgh's Notorious Burke and Hare and of the Man of Science Who Abetted Them in the Commission of Their Most Heinous CrimesWilliam Burke and William HareLisa RosnerAmazon
Anatomy of Evil, TheMiscellaneousMichael H. StoneAmazon, Kindle eBook
Anatomy of Motive, The : The FBI's Legendary Mindhunter Explores the Key to Understanding and Catching Violent CriminalsCriminologyJohn Douglas and Mark OlshakerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Angel of Darkness: The True Story of Randy Kraft and the Most Heinous Murder SpreeRandy KraftDennis McDougalAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Anyone You Want Me to Be: A True Story of Sex and Death on the InternetJohn Edward RobinsonJohn Douglas and Stephen SingularAmazon, Kindle eBook
Appointment for MurderGlennon EnglemanSusan Crain BakosAmazon
Arthur Shawcross: The Genesee River Killer: The Grisly True Crime Account of the Rochester Prostitute MurdersArthur ShawcrossJoel NorrisAmazon
Atlanta Child Murders, The: The Night StalkerWayne WilliamsJack MallardAmazon, Kindle eBook
Atlanta Youth Murders and the Politics of Race, TheWayne WilliamsBernard HeadleyAmazon
A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, TheMiscellaneousHarold SchechterAmazon
Australia's Serial Killers : The Definitive History of Serial Multicide in AustraliaMiscellaneousPaul B. KiddAmazon
Bad Boy: The True Story of Kenneth Allen McDuff, the Most Notorious Serial Killer in Texas HistoryKenneth Allen McDuffGary M. LavergneAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Bathory: Memoir of a CountessErzsebet BathoryA. MordeauxAmazon, Kindle eBook
Beauty Queen Killer, TheChristopher WilderBruce GibneyAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Before I Kill MoreWilliam HeirensLucy FreemanAmazon
Belle Gunness: The Lady BluebeardBelle Sorenson GunnessJanet L. LangloisAmazon
Bestial: The Savage Trail of a True American MonsterEarle Leonard NelsonHarold SchechterAmazon, Kindle eBook
Better to Reign in Hell: Serial Killers, Media Panics and the FBIMediaStephen MilligenAmazon
Between Good and Evil: A Master Profiler's Hunt for Society's Most Violent PredatorsCriminologyRoger L. Depue and Susan SchindehetteAmazon, Kindle eBook,
Beyond Belief: Moors MurdersIan Brady and Myra HindleyEmlyn WilliamsAmazon
Beyond Cruel: The Chilling True Story of Americas Most Sadistic KillerMike DebardelebenStephen G. MichaudAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Beyond Murder: The Inside Account of the Gainesville Student MurdersDaniel Harold RollingJohn Philpin and John DonnellyAmazon
Bike Path Killer, TheAltemio SanchezMichael Beebe and Maki BeckerAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Bikini Murders, TheCharles SobhrajFarrukh DhondyAmazon
Bind, Torture, Kill: The Inside Story of BTK, the Serial Killer Next DoorDennis RaderRoy Wenzl, Tim Potter, Hurst Laviana, and L. KellyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Black Baron, The: The Strange Life of Gilles De RaisGilles de RaisTennille DixAmazon
Black Serial Killers: Including Paul Durousseau, Mark Sappington and the Cincinnati StranglerMiscellaneousA F GreenlandAmazon
Blind Fury: The Shocking True Story of Eugene StanoGerald Eugene StanoAnna FlowersAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Blood BathDerrick Todd LeeSusan D. Mustafa, Tony Clayton, and Sue IsraelAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Blood Confession, TheErzsebet BathoryAlisa LibbyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Blooding, TheColin PitchforkJoseph WambaughAmazon
Blood JusticeJeffrey GortonTom HendersonAmazon
Blood LustJeremy Bryan JonesSheila JohnsonAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Blood Lust: Portrait of a Serial Sex KillerDayton Leroy RogersGary C. KingAmazon, Kindle eBook
Blood on the Altar: In Search of a Serial KillerDanilo RestivoTobias JonesAmazon, Kindle eBook
Blood TrailJoseph W. BrownSteven Walker and Rick ReedAmazon
Bloody Countess, The: Atrocities of Erzsebet BathoryErzsebet BathoryValentine PenroseAmazon
Bodies in Barrels MurdersJohn Justin BuntingJeremy PudneyAmazon
Bodies of Evidence: The Shocking True Story of America's Most Chilling Serial Murderess... From Crime Scene to Courtroom to Electric ChairJudias BuenoanoChris Anderson and Sharon McGeheeAmazon
Body CountRobert Lee YatesBurl BarerAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Body DumpKendall FrancoisFred RosenAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Body HunterFaryion WardripPatricia SpringerAmazon
Body PartsWayne Adam FordCaitlin RotherAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Bone CrusherLarry BrightLinda RosencranceAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Bone Garden, TheDorothea PuenteWilliam P. WoodAmazon
Born Evil: A True Story of Cannibalism and Serial MurderHadden ClarkAdrian HavillAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Born to KillWilliam CookGlenn ShirleyAmazon
Born Wolf...Die Wolf: The Last Rampage of the Terrible HarpesMicajah Harpe and Wiley HarpeE. Don HarpAmazon
Boston Stranglers, TheAlbert DeSalvoSusan KellyAmazon,
Bound To Die: The Shocking True Story of Bobby Joe Long, America's Most Savage Serial KillerBobby Joe LongAnna FlowersAmazon
Boy Next Door, TheJon DunkleGretchen BrinckAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Brady and Hindley: Genesis of the Moors MurdersIan Brady and Myra HindleyFred HarrisonAmazon
Bringing Adam Home: The Abduction That Changed AmericaOttis TooleLes Standiford and Joe MatthewsAmazon, Kindle eBook,
Broken, LivesEric Edgar CookeEstelle BlackburnAmazon, Kindle eBook
BTK Murders, The: Inside the "Bind Torture Kill" Case that Terrified America's HeartlandDennis RaderCarlton SmithAmazon, Kindle eBook
Bundy Murders, TheTed BundyKevin M. SullivanAmazon, Kindle eBook
Buried Dreams: Inside the Mind of a Serial KillerJohn Wayne GacyTim CahillAmazon
Buried MemoriesBetty Lou BeetsIrene PenceAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Burn Farm, TheSheila LaBarreMichael BensonAmazon
Bus Stop Killer, The: Milly Dowler, Her Murder and the Full Story of the Sadistic Serial Killer Levi BellfieldLevi BellfieldGeoffrey WansellAmazon, Kindle eBook
ButcherRobert PicktonGary C. KingAmazon, Kindle eBook
Butcher, Baker: A True Account of a Serial MurderRobert HansenWalter Gilmour and Leland E. HaleAmazon
Butcher, The: Anatomy of a Mafia PsychopathTommy PiteraPhilip CarloAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Butcher's Dozen (Historical Fiction)The Cleveland Torso MurdererMax Allan CollinsAmazon, Kindle eBook
By Reason of Insanity: The David Michael Krueger StoryPeter WoodcockMark BourrieAmazon
Camouflaged Killer: The Shocking Double Life of Canadian Air Force Colonel Russell WilliamsDavid Russell WilliamsDavid A. GibbAmazon, Kindle eBook, Judi Roth Crippen Review
Cannibal Killers: The Impossible MonstersMiscellaneousMoira MartingaleAmazon
Cases That Haunt Us, TheCriminologyJohn Douglas and Mark OlshakerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Cat and Mouse: Mind Games With a Serial KillerWilliam Lester SuffBrian Lane and Bill SuffAmazon
Catching Serial Killers: Learning from Past Serial Murder InvestigationsCriminologyEarl JamesAmazon
Caught in the Act: A Courageous Family's Fight to Save Their Daughter from a Serial KillerAdam Leroy LaneJeannie McDonough and Paul LonardoAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Cellar of Horror: The Story of Gary HeidnikGary HeidnikKen EngladeAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Charles Manson NowCharles MansonMarlin MarynickAmazon, Kindle eBook
Charmed to DeathJill CoitStephen SingularAmazon
Charmer: The True Story of a Ladies' Man and His VictimsGeorge Waterfield Russell, Jr.Jack OlsenAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Chasing the Devil: My Twenty-Year Quest to Capture the Green River KillerGary RidgwayDavid ReichertAmazon
Clues from Killers: Serial Murder and Crime Scene MessagesCriminologyDirk C. GibsonAmazon
Co-ed Killer, TheEdmund KemperMargaret CheneyAmazon
Cold Blooded Evil: The True Story of the 'Ipswich Stranglings'Stephen Gerald James WrightNeil RootAmazon
Cold North Killers: Canadian Serial MurderMiscellaneousLee MellorAmazon, Kindle eBook
Complete Casebook of British Serial MurderMiscellaneousDaniel JohnsonAmazon
Comrade Chikatilo: The Psychopathology of Russia's Notorious Serial KillerAndrei ChikatiloMikhail Krivich and Olgert Ol'GinAmazon
Confessions of an American Black Widow, The : A True Story of Greed, Lust and a Murderous WifeSharon Fuller Nelson HarrelsonGregg OlsonAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Confessions of Henry Lee Lucas, TheHenry Lee LucasMike CoxAmazon
Confessions of Son of SamDavid BerkowitzDavid AbrahamsenAmazon
Consequences: The Criminal Case of David Parker RayDavid Parker RayJ.E. SparksAmazon
Controversies in VictimologyCriminologyLaura J. MoriartyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Cooking with a Serial Killer: Recipes From Dorothea PuenteDorothea PuenteShane BugbeeAmazon
Copeland Killings, The: The Bizarre True Account of Ray and Faye CopelandRay CopelandT. MillerAmazon
Corpse: Nature, Forensics, And The Struggle To Pinpoint Time Of DeathCriminologyJessica Snyder SachsAmazon
Corpse Garden, TheFred and Rose WestColin WilsonAmazon
Corroborating Evidence IIThe Cleveland Torso Murderer, ZodiacWilliam T. RasmussenAmazon
Countess Dracula: The Life and Times of Elizabeth Bathory, The Blood CountessErzsebet BathoryTony ThorneAmazon
Cradle of DeathMarie NoeJohn GlattAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Creating Cultural Monsters: Serial Murder in AmericaMiscellaneousJulie B. WiestAmazon
Cries in the DesertDavid Parker RayJohn GlattAmazon, Kindle eBook
Cries Unheard: Story of Mary BellMary BellGitta SerenyAmazon
Crime Classification ManualCriminologyJohn Douglas, Ann W. Burgess, Allen G. Burgess, Robert K. ResslerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Crimes, Detection and Death of Jack the Ripper, TheJack the RipperMartin FidoAmazon
Crime Victims: An Introduction to VictimologyCriminologyAndrew KarmenAmazon, Kindle eBook
Criminal Behavior: A Psychological ApproachPsychologyCurt R. Bartol, Anne M. BartolAmazon, Kindle eBook
Criminal Minds: Sociopaths, Serial Killers, and Other DeviantsMiscellaneousJeff MariotteAmazon, Kindle eBook
Criminal Profiling: An Introduction to Behavioral Evidence AnalysisCriminologyBrent E. TurveyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Criminal Profiling: Developing an Effective Science And PracticeCriminologyScotia J. Hicks, Bruce D. SalesAmazon
Criminal Profiling: Principles and PracticeCriminologyRichard N. KocsisAmazon, Kindle eBook
Criminal Profiling from Crime Scene AnalysisCriminologyJohn Douglas, Robert K. Ressler, Ann Burgess, Carol HartmanKindle eBook
Criminal Psychology and Forensic Technology: A Collaborative Approach to Effective ProfilingCriminologyGrover Maurice GodwinAmazon
Criminal Psychology And Personality ProfilingPsychologyJoan EsherickAmazon
Criminal Shadows, Inner Narratives of EvilCriminologyDavid Canter and Robert D. KeppelAmazon
Criminal Violence: Patterns, Causes, and PreventionCriminologyMarc Riedel and Wayne WelseAmazon
Cromwell Street Murders, The: The Detective's StoryFred and Rose WestJohn Bennett and Graham GardnerAmazon
Crossbow Killer, The: The Definitive Story of Stephen Griffiths - The Self-Made Serial KillerStephen GriffithsCyril DixonAmazon, Kindle eBook
Crossing the Line: The True Story of Long Island Serial Killer Joel RifkinJoel RifkinLisa Beth Pulitzer and Joan SwirskyKim Cantrell Review
Cultural Shaping of Violence: International PerspectivesMediaM. AndersonAmazon
Current Perspectives in Forensic Psychology and Criminal BehaviorCriminologyCurt R. Bartol, Anne M. BartolAmazon, Kindle eBook
Dark Dreams: A Legendary FBI Profiler Examines Homicide and the Criminal MindCriminologyRoy Hazelwood and Stephen G. MichaudAmazon, Kindle eBook
Dark Soul of the South: The Life and Crimes of Racist Killer Joseph Paul FranklinJoseph P. FranklinMel AytonAmazon
Dating Game Killer, The: The True Story of a TV Dating Show, a Violent Sociopath, and a Series of Brutal MurdersRodney AlcalaStella SandsAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Deacon of DeathSamuel L. SmithersFred RosenAmazon
Dead And Buried: A Shocking Account of Rape, Torture, and Murder on the California CoastRex Allen KrebsCorey MitchellAmazon
Dead Ends: The Pursuit, Conviction and Execution of Female Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos, the Damsel of DeathAileen WuornosMichael ReynoldsAmazon
DeadfallJohn AnnibelRobert ScottAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Deadly Charm: The Story of a Deaf Serial KillerPatrick McCulloughMcCay Vernon and Marie VernonAmazon
Deadly InnocensePaul Bernardo and Karla HomolkaScott Burnside and Alan CairnsAmazon, Kindle eBook
Deadly LustWilliam Darrell LindseyMcCay Vernon and Marie VernonAmazon
Deadly MedicineGenene JonesDan Reed and Kelly MooreAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Deadly Thrills: The True Story of Chicago's Most Shocking KillersRobin GechtJaye FletcherAmazon
Dead of NightAdolph James RodeDon LasseterAmazon
Death in the City of Light: The Serial Killer of Nazi-Occupied ParisMarcel PetiotDavid KingAmazon, Kindle eBook
Death Shift, The: The True Story of Nurse Genene Jones and the Texas Baby MurdersGenene JonesPeter ElkindAmazon
Defending Donald Harvey: The Case of America's Most Notorious Angel-of-Death Serial KillerDonald HarveyWilliam Whalen and Bruce MartinAmazon
Defending Gary: Unraveling the Mind of the Green River KillerGary RidgwayMark ProtheroAmazon
Defending the Devil: My Story As Ted Bundy's Last LawyerTed BundyPolly NelsonAmazon
Demon Doctors: Physicians as Serial KillersMiscellaneousKenneth V. IsersonAmazon
DepravedJohn Edward RobinsonJohn GlattAmazon, Kindle eBook
Depraved: The Definitive True Story of H.H. Holmes, Whose Grotesque Crimes Shattered Turn-of-the-Century ChicagoH. H. HolmesHarold SchechterAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Deranged: The Shocking True Story of America's Most Fiendish Killer!Albert FishHarold SchechterAmazon, Kindle eBook
Der SadistPeter KürtenKarl BergAmazon (in German)
Derek Percy: Australian PsychoDerek PercyAlan WhitickerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Deviant: The Shocking True Story of Ed Gein, the Original PsychoEd GeinHarold SchechterAmazon, Kindle eBook
Devil and Miss Jones, The: Twisted Mind of Myra HindleyIan Brady and Myra HindleyJanie JonesAmazon
Devil in the White City, The: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed AmericaH. H. HolmesErik LarsonAmazon, Kindle eBook,
Devil's Disciple: The Deadly Dr. H.H. HolmesH. H. HolmesJudy SnavelyAmazon
Devil's Disciples: Moors MurdersIan Brady and Myra HindleyRobert WilsonAmazon
Devil's Dozen, The: How Cutting-Edge Forensics Took Down 12 Notorious Serial KillersCriminologyKatherine RamslandAmazon, Kindle eBook
Devil's Right-Hand Man, The: The True Story of Serial Killer Robert Charles BrowneRobert Charles BrowneStephen G. Michaud and Debbie M. PriceAmazon, Kindle eBook
Devil's Rood, The: A Group Novel About America's First Serial KillerH. H. HolmesDedra Torelli and Nina WadeAmazon
Devil's Rooming House, The: The True Story of America's Deadliest Female Serial KillerAmy Archer-GilliganM. William PhelpsAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Die For Me: The Terrifying True Story of the Charles Ng & Leonard Lake Torture MudersCharles Ng and Leonard LakeDon LasseterAmazon
Die Song, The: A Journey into the Mind of a Mass MurdererHerbert MullinDonald T. Lunde and Jefferson MorganAmazon
DismemberedSean Vincent GillisSusan D. Mustafa and Sue IsraelAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Disturbed GroundDorothea PuenteCarla NortonAmazon, Kindle eBook
Doctors of DeathMiscellaneousWensley ClarksonKim Cantrell Review
Driven to KillWestley Allan DoddGary C. KingAmazon, Kindle eBook
Ed Gein -- Psycho!Ed GeinPaul Anthony WoodsAmazon
Encyclopedia of Serial KillersMiscellaneousBrian LaneAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, TheMiscellaneousMichael NewtonAmazon
End of Innocence, TheEric Edgar CookeEstelle BlackburnKindle eBook
Entering Hades: The Double Life of a Serial KillerJack UnterwegerJohn LeakeAmazon
Escape from EvilPeter TobinCathy WilsonAmazon
Every Move You MakeGary Charles EvansM. William PhelpsAmazon,
Evil Beyond BeliefHarold ShipmanWensley ClarksonAmazon
Evil EyesCoral WattsCorey MitchellAmazon
Evil Love, AnFred and Rose WestGeoffrey WansellAmazon
Evil Minds: Understanding and Responding to Violent PredatorsPsychologyRobert J. Meadows and Julie KuehnelAmazon
Evil PsychopathsMiscellaneousGordon KerrKindle eBook
Evil SecretsWarren James BlandKathy BraidhillAmazon
Evil That Men Do, The: FBI Profiler Roy Hazelwood's Journey into the Minds of Sexual PredatorsCriminologyStephen G. Michaud, Roy HazelwoodAmazon, Kindle eBook
Evil WivesMiscellaneousJohn MarloweAmazon
Execution of a Serial Killer, The: One Man's Experience Witnessing the Death PenaltyEdward CastroJoseph D. DiazAmazon
Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass MurderMiscellaneousJames Alan Fox and Jack LevinAmazon
Eyeball Killer, TheCharles F. AlbrightJohn Matthews and Christine WickerAmazon
Eye of the Beast: The True Story of Serial Killer James WoodJames Edward WoodTerry Adams, Mary Brooks-Mueller, and Scott ShawAmazon
Face to Face with Evil: Conversations with Ian BradyIan BradyChris CowleyAmazon
Family Bones Volume 1: Based on a True StoryRay CopelandGranger, ShawnAmazon, Kindle eBook
Family Bones Volume 1: Based on a True StoryRay CopelandGranger, ShawnAmazon, Kindle eBook
Fatal : The Poisonous Life of a Female Serial KillerJane ToppanHarold SchechterAmazon
Fatal Charm: The Shocking True Story of Serial Wife Killer Randy RothRandy RothCarlton SmithAmazon
Father's Story, AJeffrey DahmerLionel DahmerAmazon
FBI Handbook of Crime Scene ForensicsCriminologyFederal Bureau of InvestigationAmazon, Kindle eBook
Female Homicide Offender, The: Serial Murder and the Case of Aileen WuornosAileen WuornosStacey L. Shipley and Bruce A. ArrigoAmazon
Female Serial Killers: How and Why Women Become MonstersMiscellaneousPeter VronskyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Fiend: The Shocking True Story Of Americas Youngest Serial KillerJesse PomeroyHarold SchechterAmazon
Final Truth : The Autobiography of a Serial KillerDonald GaskinsDonald H. Gaskins and Wilton EarleAmazon
Finding Karla: How I Tracked Down an Elusive Serial Child Killer and Discovered a Mother of ThreeKarla HomolkaPaula ToddKindle eBook
Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual PracticesCriminologyAnil AggrawalAmazon, Kindle eBook
Forensic Casebook, The: The Science of Crime Scene InvestigationCriminologyNgaire E. GengeAmazon, Kindle eBook
Forensic CriminologyCriminologyWayne Petherick, Brent Turvey, Claire FergusonAmazon
Forensic Psychologists Casebook: Psychological profiling and criminal investigationPsychologyLaurence AlisonAmazon
Forensic PsychologyPsychologySolomon M. Fulero and Lawrence S. WrightsmanAmazon
Forensic Psychology: A Very Short IntroductionPsychologyDavid CanterAmazon, Kindle eBook
Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds, ThePsychologyKatherine RamslandAmazon, Kindle eBook
Forensic Victimology: Examining Violent Crime Victims in Investigative and Legal ContextsCriminologyBrent E. Turvey and Wayne PetherickAmazon, Kindle eBook
Forever and Five DaysGwendolyn Graham and Cathy WoodLowell CauffielAmazon
Fred & Rose: The Full Story of Fred and Rose West and the Gloucester House of HorrorsFred and Rose WestHoward SounesAmazon
Freed to Kill: The True Story of Serial Murderer Larry EylerLarry EylerGera-Lind KolarikAmazon
From Cradle to GraveMarybeth TinningJoyce EggintonAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review"
From the Mouth of the Monster: The Joel Rifkin StoryJoel RifkinRobert MladinichAmazon, Kindle eBook
Gainesville Ripper, The: A Summer's Madness, Five Young Victims- The Investigation, the Arrest and the TrialDaniel Harold RollingMark RyzukAmazon, Judi Roth Crippen Review
Garden of Graves: The Shocking True Story of Long Island Serial Killer Joel RikfinJoel RifkinMaria EftimiadesAmazon
Gary Ridgway: The Green River KillerGary RidgwayThe staff of the King County JournalAmazon
Gates of Janus, The: Serial Killing and Its AnalysisMiscellaneousIan Brady, Colin Wilson, Peter Sotos, Alan KeightleyAmazon
Geographic ProfilingCriminologyD. Kim RossmoAmazon, Kindle eBook
Girls in the Nightmare House, TheH. H. HolmesCharles BoswellAmazon
Good-bye Door, The: The Incredible True Story of America's First Female Serial Killer to Die in the ChairAnna Marie HahnDiana Britt FranklinAmazon
Good Doctor, TheHarold Frederick ShipmanWensley ClarksonAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Green River Killer: A True Detective StoryGary RidgwayJeff Jensen and Jonathan CaseAmazon
Green River, Running Red: The Real Story of the Green River Killer--America's Deadliest Serial MurdererGary RidgwayAnn RuleAmazon, Kindle eBook,
Green River Serial Killer - Biography of an Unsuspecting WifeGary RidgwayPennie MoreheadAmazon
Hand of Death: The Henry Lee Lucas StoryHenry Lee LucasMax CallAmazon
Happy Like MurderersFred and Rose WestGordon BurnAmazon
Hard Evidence: Case Studies in Forensic AnthropologyCriminologyDawnie W. SteadmanAmazon
Harpe: America's First Serial KillersMicajah Harpe and Wiley HarpeChad Kinkle and Adam ShawAmazon
Harpe's Last Rampage, The: The True Story Of America's First Serial KillersMicajah Harpe and Wiley HarpeE. Don HarpKindle eBook
Hello Charlie: Letters from a Serial KillerRobert BrowneCharlie Hess, Davin SeayAmazon, Kindle eBook
Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson MurdersCharles MansonVincent Bugliosi and Curt GentryAmazon, Kindle eBook,
Henry Lee Lucas: The Shocking True Story of America's Most Notorious Serial KillerHenry Lee LucasJoel NorrisAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Highway to Nowhere: The Chilling True Story of the Backpacker MurdersIvan MillatRichard ShearsAmazon
Hillside Strangler, The: The Three Faces of America's Most Savage Rapist and Murderer and the Shocking Revelations from the Sensational Los Angeles Trial!Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono, Jr.Ted SchwarzAmazon, Kindle eBook
Hillside Stranglers, TheKenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono, Jr.Darcy O'BrienAmazon
Holmes-Pitezel Case, The: A History of Greatest Crime of the CountryH. H. HolmesFrank GeyerAmazon
Holmes' Own StoryH. H. HolmesH. H. HolmesAmazon
Hometown KillerWilliam SappCarol RothgebAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
House to Remember, A - 10 Rillington PlaceJohn ChristieEdna Gammon, Chris Newton and Ray LipscombeKindle eBook
How a Colonel Became a KillerDavid Russell WilliamsCal Millar and Ian RobertsonAmazon
How I Survived Henry Lucas: Living with a Serial KillerHenry Lee LucasRhonda KnucklesAmazon
How to Make a Serial Killer: The Twisted Development of Innocent Children into the World's Most Sadistic MurderersMiscellaneousChristopher Berry-Dee and Steven MorrisAmazon, Kindle eBook
Human Harvest: The Sacramento Murder StoryDorothea PuenteDaniel J. BlackburnAmazon
Human Predator, The: A Historical Chronicle of Serial Murder and Forensic InvestigationMiscellaneousKatherine RamslandAmazon
Hunting Humans: The Rise of the Modern Multiple MurdererMiscellaneousElliot LeytonAmazon
Hunting Serial PredatorsCriminologyMaurice GodwinAmazon
Hunting Serial Predators: A Multivariate Classification Approach to Profiling Violent BehaviorCriminologyGrover Maurice GodwinAmazon
Hunting the Devil/Pursuit, Capture and Confession of the Most Savage Serial Killer in HistoryAndrei ChikatiloRichard LourieAmazon
I-5 Killer, TheRandall WoodfieldAnn Rule and Andy StackAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
I-57 Murderer, The: The Story Of Henry BrisbonHenry BrisbonJames RomeroAmazon
I: The Creation of a Serial KillerKeith Hunter JespersonJack OlsenAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
I Have Lived in the Monster: Inside the Minds of the World's Most Notorious Serial KillersCriminologyRobert K. Ressler and Tom ShachtmanAmazon
I Know My First Name Is StevenCary StaynerMike EcholsAmazon
I Would Find a Girl WalkingGerald Eugene StanoKathy Kelly and Diana MontaneAmazon, Kindle eBook
In Cold Pursuit: My Hunt for Timothy Krajcir - The Notorious Serial KillerTimothy KrajcirPaul Echols and Christine ByersAmazon
Infamous Burke and Hare, The: Serial Killers and Resurrectionists of Nineteenth Century EdinburghWilliam Burke and William HareR. Michael GordonAmazon, Kindle eBook
Infamous Lady: The True Story of Countess Erzsébet BáthoryErzsebet BathoryKimberly L. CraftAmazon
Infinity of Darkness: An Analysis of Mass Murderers and Serial Killers and Why They KillMiscellaneousJerry SummersKindle eBook
Innocent BloodCharles Ray HatcherTerry GaneyAmazon
Inside the Criminal MindPsychologyStanton SamenowAmazon
Inside the Mind of BTK: The True Story Behind the Thirty-Year Hunt for the Notorious Wichita Serial KillerDennis RaderJohn Douglas and Johnny DoddAmazon, Kindle eBook
Inside the Minds of Healthcare Serial Killers: Why They KillCriminologyKatherine RamslandAmazon, Kindle eBook
Inside the Minds of Sexual PredatorsCriminologyKatherine Ramsland and Patrick N. McGrainAmazon
Internet Slave MasterJohn Edward RobinsonJohn GlattAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
In His Garden: The Anatomy of a MurdererAntone CostaLeo DamoreAmazon
In the Minds of Murderers: The Inside Story of Criminal ProfilingCriminologyPaul RolandAmazon
In the Wake of the Butcher : Cleveland's Torso MurdersThe Cleveland Torso MurdererJames Jessen BadalAmazon
Into the Minds of Madmen: How the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit Revolutionized Crime InvestigationCriminologyDon DeNevi, John H. Campbell, Stephen Band, John E. OttoAmazon
Into the WaterRichard Marc EvonitzDianne FanningAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Introduction to Forensic Psychology: Research and ApplicationPsychologyCurt R. Bartol, Anne M. BartolAmazon, Kindle eBook
Investigative Psychology: Offender Profiling and the Analysis of Criminal ActionPsychologyDavid Canter, Donna YoungsAmazon
Invisible Darkness: The Strange Case Of Paul Bernardo and Karla HomolkaPaul Bernardo and Karla HomolkaStephen WilliamsAmazon, Kindle eBook
In with the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for RedemptionLarry HallJames Keene and Hillel LevinAmazon, Kindle eBook
Ivan Milat: Serial KillerIvan MilatJohn H. DawsonKindle eBook
I Would Find A Girl WalkingGerald Eugene StanoKathy Kelly and Diane MontaineAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
I'll Be Watching YouEdwin SnelgroveM. William PhelpsAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review,
I'm Just an Ordinary Girl: The Sharon Kinne StorySharon KinneJames HaysAmazon, Kindle eBook
I've Been Watching You: The South Louisiana Serial KillerDerrick Todd LeeSusan MustafaAmazon
Jack the Ripper: A Bibliography and Review of the LiteratureJack the RipperAlexander Kelly and Colin WilsonAmazon
Jack the Ripper: Crime, War & ConflictJack the RipperiMindsKindle eBook,
Jack the Ripper: Summing Up and VerdictJack the RipperColin Wilson, Robin Odell, and J.H.H. GauteAmazon
Jack the Ripper: The Pocket Essential GuideJack the RipperMark Whitehead and Miriam RivettAmazon, Kindle eBook,
Jeffery Dahmer: A Bizarre Journey into the Mind of America's Most Tormented Serial KillerJeffrey DahmerJoel NorrisAmazon
Jeffrey Dahmer Story, The: An American NightmareJeffrey DahmerDonald A. DavisAmazon
Jeffrey Dahmer's Dirty Secret: The Unsolved Murder of Adam WalshJeffrey Dahmer and Ottis TooleArthur Jay HarrisAmazon, Kindle eBook
John Wayne Gacy: Defending a MonsterJohn Wayne GacySam L. Amirante, Danny Broderick, and Vincent BugliosiAmazon, Amazon
Journey Into DarknessCriminologyJohn Douglas and Mark OlshakerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Just Another Indian: A Serial Killer and Canada's IndifferenceJohn Martin CrawfordWarren GouldingAmazon
Killer Among Us: Public Reactions to Serial MurderMediaJoseph C. FisherAmazon
Killer Book of Serial Killers, The: Incredible Stories, Facts and Trivia from the World of Serial KillersMiscellaneousTom PhilbinAmazon, Kindle eBook
Killer Clown: John Wayne: The John Wayne Gacy MurdersJohn Wayne GacyTerry Sullivan and Peter MaikenAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Killer Department, The: Viktor Burakov's eight-Year Hunt for the Most Savage Serial Killer in Russian HistoryAndrei ChikatiloRobert CullenAmazon
Killer of Little Shepherds, The: A True Crime Story and the Birth of Forensic ScienceJoseph VacherDouglas StarrAmazon, Kindle eBook,
Killer on CampusDaniel Harold RollingJames Fox and Jack LevinAmazon
Killers: The Most Barbaric Murderers of our TimesMiscellaneousNigel CawthorneAmazon, Kindle eBook
Killers Among Us, The: Examination of Serial Murder and Its InvestigationsCriminologySteven A. EggerAmazon
Killing for Company-The Story of a Man Addicted to MurderDennis NilsenBrian MastersAmazon, Kindle eBook
Killing for Sport: Inside the Minds of Serial KillersCriminologyPat BrownAmazon,
Killing TimePaul John KnowlesSandy FawkesAmazon
Knick-Knack Man, The: Inside the Mind of Australia's Most Deranged Serial KillerWilliam MacDonaldPaul B. KiddAmazon
Lady Killer: How Conman Bruce Burrell Kidnapped and Killed Rich Women for Their MoneyBruce BurrellCandace Sutton and Ellen ConnollyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Lambs to the Slaughter: Inside the Depraved Mind of Child-Killer Derek Ernest PercyDerek Ernest PercyDebi MarshallAmazon, Kindle eBook
Last Victim, The: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial KillerJohn Wayne GacyJason Moss and Jeffrey KottlerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Laughing Gorilla, The: The True Story of the Hunt for One of America's First Serial KillersEarle Leonard NelsonRobert GraysmithAmazon, Kindle eBook
Lemuel Smith and the Compulsion To Kill: The Forensic Story of a Multiple Personality Serial KillerLemuel SmithDenis FoleyAmazon
Lethal Friendship: A Mother's Battle to Put--and Keep--a Serial Killer Behind BarsDonald MillerSue YoungAmazon
Lethal IntentAileen WuornosSue RussellAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Lethal Marriage: The Unspeakable Crimes of Paul Bernardo and Karla HomolkaPaul Bernardo and Karla HomolkaNick PronAmazon, Kindle eBook
Lethal Shadow: The Chilling True-Crime Story of a Sadistic Sex SlayerMike DeBardelebenStephen G. MichaudAmazon
Leyenda Del Petiso Orejudo (Legend of the Big Ear Pest)Cayetano Santos GodinoLeonel ContrerasAmazon
Life Among the Serial Killers. My: Inside the Minds of the World's Most Notorious MurderersCriminologyHelen Morrison and Harold GoldbergAmazon, Kindle eBook,
Life and Crimes of Charles SobhrajCharles SobhrajRichard NevilleAmazon
Lilacs in the Rain: The Shocking Story of Connecticut's Shaken-Baby Serial KillerVirginia JaspersJames PeinkoferAmazon
Lost Girl, The: How I Triumphed Over Life at the Mercy of Fred and Rose WestFred and Rose WestCaroline RobertsAmazon
Lust KillerJerry BrudosAnn RuleAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Lustmord: The Writings and Artifacts of MurderersMiscellaneousBrian KingAmazon
Making of a Serial Killer, TheDaniel Harold RollingJohn Philpin and John DonnellyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Mammoth Book of Women Who Kill, TheMiscellaneousRichard Glyn JonesAmazon
Maniac in the Bushes, The: More True Tales of Cleveland Crime and DisasterThe Cleveland Torso MurdererJohn Stark Bellamy IIAmazon
Manson in His Own Words: The Shocking Confessions of 'The Most Dangerous Man Alive'Charles MansonCharles Manson and Nuel EmmonsAmazon
Manuel: Scotland's First Serial KillerPeter ManuelAllan M. NicolAmazon
Man Who Could Not Kill Enough, The: The Secret Murders of Milwaukee's Jeffrey DahmerJeffrey DahmerAnne E. SchwartzAmazon
Man Who Killed Boys, The: The John Wayne Gacy, Jr. StoryJohn Wayne GacyClifford L. LinedeckerAmazon
Man with the Candy, TheDean CorllJack OlsenAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Manhunters: Criminal Profilers and Their Search for the World's Most Wanted Serial KillersMiscellaneousColin WilsonAmazon
Mapping MurderCriminologyDavid CanterAmazon
Massacre in MilwaukeeJeffrey DahmerRichard W. Jaeger and M. William BalousekAmazon
Measure of Madness, The: Inside the Disturbed and Disturbing Criminal MindPsychologyCheryl Paradis, Katherine RamslandAmazon, Kindle eBook
Media Representations of Myra HindleyIan Brady and Myra HindleyLesley McLaughlinAmazon
Michigan Murders, TheJohn Norman CollinsEdward Keyes, Mardi Link, and Laura JamesAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review"
Milat: The Full Horror of the Backpack MurdersIvan MilatRoger Maynard
Mind for Murder, A: The Education of the Unabomber and the Origins of Modern TerrorismTed KaczynskiAlston ChaseAmazon
Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime UnitCriminologyJohn Douglas and Mark OlshakerAmazon
Misbegotten Son, The: The True Story of Arthur J. ShawcrossArthur ShawcrossJack OlsenAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Mistress of Murder Hill, The: The Serial Killings of Belle GunnessBelle Sorenson GunnessSylvia Elizabeth ShepherdAmazon
Mommy DeadliestStacey CastorMichael BensonAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
MonsterThomas Edward LutherSteve JacksonAmazon
Monster: My True StoryAileen WuornosAileen Wuornos and Christopher Berry-DeeAmazon
Monster ButlerRoy Archibald HallNorman Lucas and Philip DaviesAmazon
Monster Butler, TheRoy Archibald HallAllan NicolAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Monster of Dusseldorf, The: The Life and Trial of Peter KürtenPeter KürtenMargaret Seaton WagnerAmazon
Monster of Florence, TheIl MostroDouglas Preston and Mario SpeziAmazon, Kindle eBook,
Monsters in Wiemar, TheFritz Haarman and Peter KürtenColin WilsonAmazon
Monster SlayerRobert FryRobert ScottAmazon
Monsters of the Moors, The: The full account of the Brady-Hindley caseIan Brady and Myra HindleyJohn Deane PotterAmazon
Most Evil: Avenger, Zodiac, and the Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hill HodelZodiac KillerSteve Hodel and Ralph PezzulloAmazon, Kindle eBook
Mother's DayTheresa Cross KnorrDennis McDougalAmazon
Mulberry Lane: Based on the Shocking, True Events of Serial Killer H.H. Holmes!H. H. HolmesColby Van WagonerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Murder at YosemiteCary StaynerCarlton SmithAmazon
Murder on the RailsRobert Joseph Silveria Jr.William G. Palmini Jr. and Tanya ChalupaAmazon
My Friend Dahmer (Graphic Novel)Jeffrey DahmerDerf BackderfAmazon
Myra Hindley: Inside the Mind of a MurderessIan Brady and Myra HindleyJean RitchieAmazon
Natural Born Celebrities: Serial Killers in American CultureMediaDavid SchmidAmazon, Kindle eBook
Natural Born Killer: In Love and on the Road with a Serial KillerPaul John KnowlesSandy FawkesAmazon
Need to Kill, AJohn JoubertMark PettitAmazon
Need to Kill, The: Inside the World of the Serial KillerCriminologySteven A. EggerAmazon
Never to Be ReleasedMiscellaneousPaul B. KiddAmazon
New Kind of Monster, A: The Secret Life and Shocking True Crimes of an Officer...and a MurdererDavid Russell WilliamsTimothy ApplebyAmazon, Kindle eBook
New Predator, The: Profiles Of Female Serial KillersMiscellaneousDeborah Shurman-KauflinAmazon
Nightmare in Wichita: The Hunt for the BTK StranglerDennis RaderRobert BeattieAmazon, Kindle eBook
Night StalkerRichard RamirezClifford L. LinedeckerAmazon
Night Stalker, TheRichard RamirezPhilip CarloAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
No Place SafeWayne WilliamsKim ReidAmazon, Kindle eBook
No RemorseKenneth Allen McDuffBob StewartAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Nobody's WomenAnthony SowellSteve MillerAmazon, Kindle eBook
ObsessionCriminologyJohn Douglas and Mark OlshakerAmazon,
Of Men And Monsters: Jeffrey Dahmer And The Construction of the Serial KillerMediaRichard Tithecott and James R. KincaidAmazon
One of Your Own: The Life and Death of Myra HindleyIan Brady and Myra HindleyCarol Ann LeeAmazon
One of Your Own: The Life and Death of Myra HindleyIan Brady and Myra HindleyCarol Ann LeeAmazon
One Was Not Enough: Stories of Multiple MurderersMiscellaneousGeorgina LloydAmazon
Only Living Witness, The: The True Story of Serial Sex Killer Ted BundyTed BundyStephen G. Michaud and Hugh AynesworthAmazon, Kindle eBook
On the Farm: Robert William Pickton and the Tragic Story of Vancouver's Missing WomenRobert PicktonStevie CameronKindle eBook
OutcryEd GeinHarold SchechterAmazon
Out of the ShadowsFred and Rose WestAnne Marie West and Virginia HillAmazon
Palmetto Predators: Monsters Among UsMiscellaneousMark R. JonesAmazon
Panzram: A Journal of MurderCarl PanzramThomas E. GaddisAmazon
Paul's Case: The Kingston LettersPaul Bernardo and Karla HomolkaLynn CrosbieAmazon
Pee Wee Gaskins: America's No. 1 Serial KillerDonald GaskinsJohn Chandler GriffinAmazon
Perfect JusticeRodney AlcalaDon LasseterAmazon
Perfect Poison: A Female Serial Killer's Deadly MedicineKristen GilbertM. William PhelpsAmazon, Kindle eBook,, Kim Cantrell Review
Peter Kürten: A Study in SadismPeter KürtenGeorge Godwin
Peter Manuel, Serial KillerPeter ManuelHector McLeod and Malcolm McLeodAmazon
Piano Teacher, The: The True Story of a Psychotic KillerCharles YukiRobert K. Tanenbaum and Peter S. GreenbergAmazon, Kindle eBook,, Kim Cantrell Review
Pickton File, TheRobert PicktonStevie CameronAmazon, Kindle eBook
Poison: From Steeltown to the Punjab, The True Story of a Serial KillerSukhwinder DhillonJon WellsAmazon, Kindle eBook
Poisoned Blood: True Story of Marie Hilley, Cold-blooded KillerAudrey Marie HilleyPhilip E. GinsbergAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Poisoned VowsJill Lonita BilliotClifford L. LinedeckerAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Portrait Of A Killer: Jack The Ripper -- Case ClosedJack the RipperPatricia CornwellAmazon, Kindle eBook,
Postcard Killer, The: The True Story of J. Frank HickeyJ. Frank HickeyVance McLaughlinAmazon
Practical Homicide InvestigationCriminologyVernon J. GeberthAmazon, Kindle eBook
PredatorTimothy KrajcirSteven WalkerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Profiler, The: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and PsychopathsCriminologyPat Brown, Bob AndelmanAmazon, Kindle eBook
Profilers: Leading Investigators Take You Inside The Criminal MindCriminologyDon Denevi, John H. CampbellAmazon, Kindle eBook
Profiling Serial Killers: And Other Crimes in South AfricaCriminologyMicki PistoriusAmazon
Profiling Violent Crimes: An Investigative ToolCriminologyRonald M. Holmes and Stephen T. HolmesAmazon
Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial MurderMiscellaneousDavid McGowanAmazon
Prostitute Murders, The: The People Vs. Richard CottinghamRichard CottinghamRod LeithAmazon
Psychology of Lust Murder, The: Paraphilia, Sexual Killing, and Serial HomicidePsychologyCatherine Purcell and Bruce A. ArrigoAmazon, Kindle eBook
Psychology of Serial Killer Investigations, The: The Grisly Business UnitCriminologyRobert D. Keppel and William J. BirnesAmazon, Kindle eBook
Psychopathology of Serial Murder: A Theory of ViolencePsychologyStephen J. GiannangeloAmazon, Kindle eBook
Psychopathy, Perversion, and Lust Homicide: Recognizing the Mental Disorders the Power Serial KillersPsychologyDuane L. DobbertAmazon
Psychopath, The: Emotion and the BrainPsychologyJames Blair, Derek Mitchell, Karina BlairAmazon, Kindle eBook
Psycho Paths: Tracking the Serial Killer Through Contemporary American Film and FictionMediaPhilip SimpsonAmazon
Psychopath Test, The: A Journey Through the Madness IndustryPsychologyJon RonsonAmazon, Kindle eBook
Psychopathy, Perversion, and Lust Homicide: Recognizing the Mental Disorders That Power Serial KillersPsychologyDuane L. DobbertAmazon
Railroad Killer, The: The Shocking True Story of Angel Maturino Resendez and His Alleged Trail of DeathAngel Maturino Resendez Wensley ClarksonAmazon
Resurrection: Rebirth of the Terrible HarpesMicajah Harpe and Wiley HarpeE. Don HarpAmazon
Right to Counsel: A Lawyer's Struggle to Defend a Serial KillerMichael Dee MattsonJames PottsAmazon, Kindle eBook
Rights of BurialRobert BerdellaTom Jackman and Troy ColAmazon
Riverman, The: Ted Bundy and I Hunt for the Green River KillerGary RidgwayRobert KeppelAmazon, Kindle eBook
River of Blood: Serial Killers and their VictimsMiscellaneousAmanda Howard and Martin SmithAmazon
Riverside Killer, TheWilliam Lester SuffChristine Keers and Dennis St. PierreAmazon
Road Out of Hell, The: Sanford Clark and the True Story of the Wineville MurdersGordon Stewart NorthcottAnthony Flacco, Jerry Clark, Michael StoneAmazon, Kindle eBook
Roadside PreyRobert Ben RhoadesA. BushAmazon
Road to Yuba City, The: A journey into the Juan Corona murdersJuan CoronaTracy KidderAmazon
Romeo KillerLesley Eugene WarrenWensley ClarksonAmazon
Rope: The Twisted Life and Crimes of Harvey GlatmanHarvey GlatmanMichael NewtonAmazon
Rope BurnsJames DaveggioRobert ScottAmazon
Sadistic Killers: Profiles of Pathological PredatorsMiscellaneousCarol Anne DavisAmazon
Savage VengenceCharles Rodney CampbellGary C. KingAmazon
Scream at the Sky: Five Texas Murders and One Man's Crusade for JusticeFaryion WardripCarlton StowersAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Search for the Green River Killer, TheGary RidgwayCarlton Smith and Tomas GuillenAmazon
Search for the Strangler: My Hunt for Boston's Most Notorious KillerAlbert DeSalvoCasey Serman and Dick LehrAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Crime: Theoretical and Practical Issues in Behavioral ProfilingCriminologyWayne PetherickAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killer, A: David Berkowitz Son of Sam/Son of HopeDavid BerkowitzStephen Cender and Kenneth CenderAmazon
Serial Killer CouplesMiscellaneousR. Barri FlowersAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killer Files, The: The Who, What, Where, How, and Why of the World's Most Terrifying MurderersMiscellaneousHarold SchechterAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killer Investigations: The Story of Forensics and Profiling through the Hunt for the World's Worst MurderersMiscellaneousColin WilsonAmazon
Serial Killer Letters, The: A Penetrating Look Inside the Minds of MurderersMiscellaneousJennifer FurioAmazon
Serial KillersCriminologyJoel NorrisAmazon
Serial Killers, The: A Study in the Psychology of ViolenceCriminologyColin Wilson and Donald SeamanAmazon
Serial Killers: Butchers and CannibalsMiscellaneousNigel BlundellKim Cantrell Review
Serial Killers: Death and Life in America's Wound CultureMediaMark SeltzerAmazon
Serial Killers: Hunting Britons and Their Victims, 1960-2006MiscellaneousDavid WilsonAmazon
Serial Killers: Issues Explored Through the Green River MurdersGary RidgwayTomas GullienAmazon
Serial Killers: Murder Without MercyMiscellaneousNigel BlundellAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Serial Killers: The Growing MenaceCriminologyJoel NorrisAmazon
Serial Killers: The Insatiable PassionPsychologyDavid LesterAmazon
Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of MonstersMiscellaneousPeter VronskyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killers: The World's Most EvilMiscellaneousNigel BlundellKim Cantrell Review
Serial Killers and Mass Murderers: Profiles of the World's Most Barbaric CriminalsMiscellaneousNigel CawthorneAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killers and Sadistic Murderers - Up Close and PersonalMiscellaneousJack LevinAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killers Up Close and Very Personal: My Death Row Interviews with the Most Dangerous Men on the PlanetMiscellaneousVictoria RedstallAmazon
Serial Killer Timelines: Illustrated Day-by-Day Accounts of the World's Most Gruesome MurdersMiscellaneousChris McNabAmazon
Serial Killer Whisperer, The: How One Man's Tragedy Helped Unlock the Deadliest Secrets of the World's Most Terrifying KillersDavid Alan GorePete EarleyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killer's Apprentice: And 12 Other True Stories of Cleveland's Most Intriguing Unsolved CrimesMiscellaneousJames RennerAmazon
Serial Killer's Soul, The: Jeffrey Dahmer's Cell Block Confidante Reveals AllJeffrey DahmerHerman Martin and Patricia LorenzAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killing for Profit: Multiple Murder for MoneyMiscellaneousDirk. C. GibsonAmazon
Serial MurderCriminologyRonald M. Holmes and Stephen T. HolmesAmazon
Serial Murder 101Timothy KrajcirBridget DiCosmoAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Serial Murder: An Elusive PhenomenonCriminologySteven A. EggerAmazon
Serial Murder: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives For InvestigatorsCriminologyU.S. Department of JusticeKindle eBook
Serial Murder and Media CircusesMediaDirk C. GibsonAmazon
Serial Murderers and their VictimsCriminologyEric W. HickeyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Offenders: Current Thought, Recent FindingsPsychologyLouis B. SchlesingerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Offenders: Theory and PracticeCriminologyKevin Borgeson and Kristen KuehnleAmazon
Serial Thrill KillersMiscellaneousClifford L. LinedeckerAmazon
Serial Violence: Analysis of Modus Operandi and Signature Characteristics of KillersCriminologyRobert D. Keppel and William J. BirnesAmazon, Kindle eBook
SerpentineCharles SobhrajThomas ThompsonAmazon
Servant Girl Murders, The: Austin, Texas 1885Servant Girl AnnihilatorJ.R. GallowayAmazon, Kindle eBook
Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation: Practical and Clinical PerspectivesCriminologyVernon J. GeberthAmazon
Sex Crimes: Patterns and BehaviorCriminologyRonald M. Holmes and Stephen T. HolmesAmazon
Sex Crimes and ParaphiliaCriminologyEric W. HickeyAmazon
Sex Slave Murders, The: The Horrifying True Story of America's First Husband-and-Wife Serial KillersGerald and Charlene GallegoR. Barri FlowersKindle eBook
Sexual Deviance: Theory, Assessment, and TreatmentPsychologyD. Richard Laws and William T. O'DonohueAmazon
Sexual Homicide: Patterns and MotivesCriminologyJohn Douglas, Ann W. Burgess, and Robert K. ResslerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Sexual Murder: Catathymic and Compulsive HomicidesPsychologyLouis B. SchlesingerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Shared Madness: True Stories of Couples Who KillMiscellaneousChristopher Berry-DeeAmazon
Shattered Silence: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer's DaughterKeith Hunter JespersonMelissa G. Moore, M. Bridget CookAmazon, Kindle eBook
She Devils: True Stories of the World's Most Notorious Female Serial KillersMiscellaneousAnne McDuffAmazon
She Had No Enemies: How I Turned My Sister's Death by a Serial Killer Into Something Positive in my LifeAnthony Joe LaRetteDennis FlemingAmazon
She Must Have Known: The Trial of Rosemary WestFred and Rose WestBrian MastersAmazon
Shoemaker, The : The Anatomy of a PsychoticJoseph KallingerFlora Rheta SchrieberAmazon
Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer, TheJeffrey DahmerBrian MastersAmazon
Signature KillersCriminologyRobert D. KeppelAmazon, Kindle eBook
Sings of the Brother: The Definitive Story of Ivan Milat and the Backpacker MurdersIvan MilatMark WhittakerAmazon
Sleep In Heavenly PeaceDianne OdellM. William PhelpsAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review,
Sleep My Little Dead: The True Story of the Zodiac KillerZodiac KillerKieran CrowleyAmazon, Kindle eBook
SLK-Serial KillerScott Lee KimballEd CoetAmazon, Kindle eBook
Slow DeathDavid Parker RayJames FielderAmazon
Smoldering EmbersBobby Joe LongJoy Wellman, Susan Roplogle, and Lisa McVeyAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Smooth Operator: The True Story of Seductive Serial Killer Glen RogersGlen RogersClifford L. LinedeckerAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Sniper: Inside the Hunt for the Killers Who Terrorized the NationJohn Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd MalvoSari Horwitz and Michael RuaneAmazon, Kindle eBook
Snowtown Murders, The: The real story behind the bodies-in-the-barrels killingsJohn Justin BuntingAndrew McGarryAmazon
Somebody's Husband, Somebody's SonPeter Coonan (Peter Sutcliffe)Gordon BurnAmazon
Son of HopeDavid BerkowitzDavid BerkowitzAmazon
Starkweather: A Story of Mass Murder on the Great PlainsCharles StarkweatherJeff O'DonnellAmazon
Starkweather: Inside the Mind of a Teenage KillerCharles StarkweatherWilliam AllenAmazon
Step into My Parlor: The Chilling Story of Serial Killer Jeffrey DahmerJeffrey DahmerEdward BaumannAmazon
Strange Case Of Dr. H.H. Holmes, TheH. H. HolmesJohn BorowskiAmazon
Stranger Beside Me, TheTed BundyAnn RuleAmazon
Strangers on the Street: Serial Homicide in South AfricaCriminologyMicki PistoriusAmazon
StranglerAnthony Allen ShoreCorey MitchellAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Suddenly Gone: The Terrifying True Story of a Serial Killer's Grisly Kidnapping-Murders of Three Young WomenRichard Grissom, Jr.Dan MitrioneAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Sunset Murders, TheDoug Clark and Carol BundyLouise FarrAmazon
Talking with Serial Killers: The Most Evil People in the World Tell Their Own StoriesMiscellaneousChristopher Berry-DeeAmazon
Team Killers: A Comparitive Study of Collaborative KillersMiscellaneousJennifer FurioAmazon
Teasing Secrets from the Dead: My Investigations at America's Most Infamous Crime ScenesCriminologyEmily CraigAmazon, Kindle eBook
Technological Slavery: The Collected Writings of Theodore J. Kaczynski, a.k.a. "The Unabomber"Ted KaczynskiTheodore J. Kaczynski and David SkrbinaAmazon, Kindle eBook
Ted Bundy : Conversations with a KillerTed BundyStephen G. Michaud and Hugh AynesworthAmazon, Kindle eBook
Ten Rillington PlaceJohn ChristieLudovic KennedyAmazon
Tender Murderers: Women Who KillMiscellaneousTrina Robbins and Max Allan CollinsAmazon, Kindle eBook
Terilynn: Based On The True Story of America's Youngest Serial KillerTerilynn WagerWilton EarleAmazon
Terrible Secrets: Ted Bundy on Serial MurderTed BundyRobert D. Keppel and Stephen G. MichaudKindle eBook
There But For the Grace of God: Survivors of the 20th Century's Infamous Serial KillersMiscellaneousFred RosenAmazon, Kindle eBook
Things a Killer Would Know: The True Story of Leonard FraserLeonard FraserPaula DonemanAmazon
This Is the Zodiac Speaking: Into the Mind of a Serial KillerZodiac KillerMichael D. Kelleher and David Van NuysAmazon
Though Murder Has No Tongue: The Lost Victim of Cleveland's Mad ButcherThe Cleveland Torso MurdererJames Jessen Badal and Cathleen A. CernyAmazon
Three Weeks in OctoberJohn Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd MalvoCharles A. Moose and Charles FlemingAmazon, Kindle eBook
Thrill KillersMiscellaneousClifford L. LinedeckerAmazon
Through the Window: The Terrifying True Story of Cross-Country Killer Tommy Lynn SellsTommy Lynn SellsDiane FanningAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Thug: The True Story of India's Murderous CultThug BehramMike DashAmazon
To Die For: The Shocking True Story of Serial Killer Dana Sue GrayDana Sue GrayKathy BraidhillAmazon
To Kill and Kill Again: The Chilling True Confessions of a Serial KillerRoy Archibald HallRoy Archibald HallAmazon
Torso: The Story of Eliot Ness and the Search for a Psychopathic KillerThe Cleveland Torso MurdererSteven NickelAmazon
Torso Killer, TheRichard CottinghamRod LeithAmazon
TorsosThe Cleveland Torso MurdererJohn Peyton CookeAmazon
Torture Doctor, TheH. H. HolmesDavid FrankeAmazon
Tracker: Hunting Down Serial KillersCriminologyMaurice Godwin and Fred RosenAmazon
Tracker: Hunting Down Serial KillersCriminologyGrover Maurice GodwinAmazon
Trash Bag Murderer, ThePatrick KearneyTony StewartAmazon
Trial of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley: Moors CaseIan Brady and Myra HindleyJonathan GoodmanAmazon
Trial of John Thomas Straffen, TheJohn StraffenLetitia Fairfield and Eric P. FullbrookAmazon
Trails of Death: The True Story of National Forest Serial Killer Gary HiltonGary HiltonFred RosenAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Trophy Kill: the Shall We Dance MurderSidney TeerhuisDan ZupanskyAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Trouble with the Pears, The: An intimate portrait of Erzsebet BathoryErzsebet BathoryGia Bathory Al BabelAmazon
Unabomber: On the Trail of America's Most-Wanted Serial KillerTed KaczynskiJohn Douglas and Mark OlshakerAmazon
Unabomber: The Secret Life of Ted KaczynskiTed KaczynskiChris Waits and Dave ShorsAmazon
Unabomber Manifesto, The: Industrial Society and Its FutureTed KaczynskiThe UnabomberAmazon, Kindle eBook
Unexplained Michigan Mysteries: Strange but True Tales from the Michigan UnknownThe Oakland County Child KillerGary BarfknechtAmazon
Unholy Messenger: The Life and Crimes of the BTK Serial KillerDennis RaderStephen SingularAmazon, Kindle eBook,
Unknown Darkness, TheCriminologyGregg O. McCrary and Katherine RamslandAmazon
Urges: A Chronicle of Serial Killer Larry HallLarry HallChristopher Hawley MartinAmazon
Using Murder: The Social Construction of Serial HomicideMediaPhillip JenkinsAmazon
Victimology: A Study of Crime Victims and Their RolesCriminologyJudith M. Sgarzi and Jack McDevittAmazon
Violence and PsychopathyPsychologyAdrian Raine and Jose SanmartinAmazon
Violent Offenders: Theory, Research, Policy, and PracticeCriminologyMatthew Delisi and Peter ConisAmazon
Vulture: Profiling Sadistic Serial KillersMiscellaneousDeborah Schurman-KauflinAmazon
Want-Ad Killer, TheHarvey Louis CarignanAnn Rule and Andy StackAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Waste Land: The Savage Odyssey Of Charles Starkweather And Caril Ann FugateCharles StarkweatherMichael NewtonAmazon
Whatever Mother SaysTheresa Cross KnorrW. ClarksonAmazon
When the Bough Breaks: The True Story of Child Killer Kathleen FolbiggKathleen FolbiggMatthew BennsAmazon, Kindle eBook
Where Shadows Linger: The Untold Story of the RCMP's Olson Murders InvestigationClifford OlsonW. Leslie HolmesAmazon
Where the Bodies Are BuriedHerb BaumeisterFannie Weinstein and Melinda WilsonAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Whoever Fights Monsters: My Twenty Years Tracking Serial Killers for the FBIMiscellaneousRobert K. Ressler and Thomas SchachtmanAmazon
Why?: The Serial Killer in AmericaEdmund KemperMargaret CheneyAmazon
Wicked Beyond Belief: The Hunt for the Yorkshire RipperPeter SutcliffeMichael BiltonAmazon
Wicked Intentions: The Sheila LaBarre MurdersSheila LaBarreKevin FlynnAmazon, Kindle eBook
William Heirens: His Day in Court/Did an Innocent Man Confess to Three Grisly Murders?William HeirensDolores KennedyAmazon
Will to Kill, The: Making Sense of Senseless MurderCriminologyJames Alan Fox, Jack Levin, and Kenna QuinetAmazon
Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among UsPsychologyRobert D. HareAmazon, Kindle eBook
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, A: The Search for a Child KillerThe Oakland County Child KillerTommy McIntyreAmazon
Written in BloodMiscellaneousColin WilsonAmazon
Women, Murder and Femininity: Gender Representations of Women Who KillCriminologyElizabeth SealAmazon
Women Who Kill: Profiles of Female Serial KillersMiscellaneousCarol Anne DavisAmazon
World's First Known Serial Killer, The; Confessions of Gilles de RaisGilles de RaisE. Cole BolchozAmazon
Yosemite Murders, TheCary StaynerDennis McDougalAmazon, Kindle eBook
Zani Murders, TheRobert Joseph ZaniKelly FeroAmazon
ZodiacZodiac KillerRobert GraysmithAmazon,, Kim Cantrell Review
Zodiac Killer Cover Up, The: The Silenced BadgerZodiac KillerLyndon E. LaffertyAmazon
Zodiac Killer: Terror and MysteryZodiac KillerBrenda HaugenAmazon