Zodiac Killer


First Name, LastAKAVictimsSexEthnicityCountryTypeMotivationBirthDeathNotes
Elias AbuelazamAccused of 4MaleArabUSANomadicPersonal Cause1976/08/28n/a
Francisco AcevedoConvicted of 3; Charged with 3 moreMaleHispanicUSANomadicSexualUnknownUnknownCurrently on trial
Auda Ahmad3MaleAsianIndonesiaTerritorialSadisticUnknownUnknown
Charles F. AlbrightEyeball Killer, Dallas Ripper, Dallas Slasher3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1933/08/10 (Amarillo, Texas, USA)n/a
Rodney AlcalaThe Dating Game Killer, John Berger, John Burger7-100MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1943/08/23 (San Antonio, Texas, USA)n/a
Howard Arthur Allen3MaleBlackUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise1949/02/10 (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)n/a
Beverly AllittThe Angel of Death4FemaleCaucasianUnited KingdomStationaryPersonal Cause1968/10/04 (Corby Glen, England, United Kingdom)n/a
Dale Anderson2, Suspected of 5 moreMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1951/11/24 (Canton, Ohio, USA)n/a
Richard Angelo10MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal CauseUnknownUnknown
John Annibel3+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexualUnknownUnknown
Serge Archambault5+MaleCaucasianCanadaTerritorialSexual, Personal Cause?UnknownUnknown
Amy Archer-Gilligan5-50FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1873/101962
William Dale ArcherdConvicted of 3; Suspected in 3 moreMaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1912Unknown
John Eric ArmstrongBaby Doll, OpieConvicted of 5; Claimed 11+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1973/11/23 (New Bern, North Carolina, USA)n/a
Benjamin AtkinsThe Woodward Corridor Killer11MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1968/8/26 (Detroit, Michigan, USA)1997/9/17 (Complications from HIV)
Farid Baghlani4MaleArabIranTerritorialPersonal CauseUnknown2010/11/13 (Hanged; Iran)
Baikuni14MaleAsianIndonesiaStationarySexual, SadisticUnknownUnknown
Joe BallThe Alligator Man, Butcher of Elmendorf5-20MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryUnknown1896/01/06 (San Antonio, Texas, USA)1938/09/24 (Suicide)Fed the bodies of his victims to his pet alligators
Omid Barak10MaleArabIranUnknownSexual, Criminal EnterpriseUnknown2011/01/24 (Hanged)
Daniel Camargo BarbosaManuel Bulgarin Solis150+MaleHispanicColumbia, EcuadorNomadicSexual1930/01/22 (Columbia)1994/11/13 (Murdered in prison)
Margie Velma BarfieldDeath Row Granny, Mama Margie4FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1932/10/29 (Cumberland County, North Carolina, USA)1984/11/02 (Lethal injection)
Juana BarrazaLa Mataviehitas (The Old Lady Killer), La Dama del Silencio (The Silent Lady)E11+FemaleHispanicMexicoTerritorialCriminal Enterprise, Sadistic?1956 (Hidalgo, Mexico)n/a
Erzsebet BathoryThe Blood CountessConvicted of 80; Suspected of 600+FemaleCaucasianHungaryStationarySadistic1560/08/07 (Nyírbátor, Hungary)1614/08/21 (Csejte, Hungary)
Billy Dean BattenfieldConvicted of 3; Suspected of 1 moreMaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1953 (abt)n/a
Herb BaumeisterBrian Smart11-60+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1947/04/07 (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)1996/07/03 (Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada; Suicide)
Richard BeasleyOhio's Craigslist KillerSuspected of 3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialUnknown1959 (abt)n/a
Martha BeckOne of The Lonely Hearts KillersConvicted of 3; Suspected in up to 20FemaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise, Personal Cause1920/05/06 (Milton, Florida, USA)1951/03/08 (Sing Sing prison; Execution by electric chair)
Betty Lou BeetsConvicted of 1; Suspected of anotherFemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1937/03/122000/02/24 (Huntsville, Texas, USA; Lethal injection)
Thug Behram125+MaleAsianIndiaTerritorialGroup Cause1765 (abt)1840
Howard Milton BelcherConvicted of 1; Charged with 2 moreMaleBlackUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise, Sexual1979 (abt)n/a
Edward Harold BellConvicted of 1; Confessed to 11 othersMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexualunknownn/a
Mary BellThe Tyneside Strangler2FemaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialUnknown1957/05/26 (Newcastle upon Tyne, Great Britain)n/aCommitted murders as a child
Levi Bellfield2+MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialUnknown1968/05/17 (London, Great Britain)n/a
Trent Christopher Benson2MaleAsianUSATerritorialSexual1071 (abt)n/a
Robert BerdellaThe Kansas City Butcher6+MaleCaucasianUSAStationarySexual, Sadistic1949/01/31 (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, USA)1992/10/08 (Heart attack)
Sture BergwallThomas Quick8+ (confessed to 30)MaleCaucasianSwedenNomadicUnknown1950/04/26 (Korsnäs, Falun, Sweden)n/a
David BerkowitzSon of Sam, .44 Caliber Killer6 killed, 7 woundedMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Personal Cause1953/06/01 (Brooklyn, New York, USA)n/a
Paul BernardoHalf of the Ken and Barbie Killers, Paul Jason Teate3+MaleCaucasianCanadaTerritorialSexual, Sadistic1964/08/27 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)n/a
Kenneth Alessio BianchiOne of the Hillside Stranglers12MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1951/05/22 (Rochester, New York, USA)n/a
Richard Biegenwald9-11MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise, Sadistic1940/08/24 (New York, USA)2008/03/12
Jill Lonita Billiot2FemaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal EnterpriseUnknownUnknown
Catherine BirnieOne of the Moorhouse Murderers4FemaleCaucasianAustraliaStationarySadistic1951/05/23n/a
David BirnieOne of the Moorhouse Murderers4MaleCaucasianAustraliaStationarySexual, Sadistic1951/02/162005/10/07 (Suicide)
Arthur Gary BishopLynn Jones, Roger W. Downs5MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual19511988/06/10 (Execution by Lethal Injection)
Lawrence Sigmund Bittaker5MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1940/09/27 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)n/a
Robert BlackM1 ManiacConvicted of 4; Suspected of up to 12 moreMaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialSexual, Sadistic1947/04/21 (Grangemouth, Great Britain)n/a
Terry Blair7MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1961/09/16n/a
Warren James BlandConvicted of 1; Several more suspectedMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1937/01/122001/08/30 (Natural causes)
Daniel Blank6MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise1962n/a
Wayne BodenThe Vampire Rapist4MaleCaucasianCanadaNomadicSexual1948 abt2006/03/27
Oscar Ray Bolin Jr.3MaleCaucasianCanadaTerritorialUnknown1962 abtn/a
William BoninThe Freeway KillerConvicted of 21; Suspected in 15 moreMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1947/01/08 (Willmantic, Connecticut, USA)1996/02/23 (Lethal injection)
John Wayne Boyer3+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexualabt 1956n/a
Ian BradyIan Duncan Stewart, One of the Moors Murderers5MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialSexual1938/01/02n/a
Joseph Briggen12+MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1850 (abt)1903 (abt)
Larry Bright8MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexualUnknownn/a
Henry BrisbonThe I-57 Killer4MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual, Criminal Enterprise1965 (abt)n/a
Joseph W. BrownLynn Jones, Roger W. DownsConvicted of 2 (1 while in prison); confessed to 13 moreMaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise, Sexualunknownn/a
William Vincent Brown2+MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexualUnknownn/a
Robert Charles BrowneMaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1952/10/31 (Coushatta, Louisiana, USA)n/a
Jerry BrudosThe Lust Killer, The Shoe Fetish Slayer4MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1939/01/31 (Webster, South Dakota)2006/03/28 (Liver cancer)
Judias BuenoanoBlack Widow, Judy4FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1943/04/04 (Quanah, Texas, USA)1998/03/30 (Florida, USA; Electric chair)
Carol BundyOne of the Sunset Strip Killers, One of the Hollywood Slashers2+FemaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1942/08/262003/12/09 (Heart failure)
Ted BundyKenneth Misner, Chris Hagen, Richard Burton, Officer Roseland, Rolf Miller26-35+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1946/24/11 (Burlington, Vermont, USA)1989/12/24 (Bradford County, Florida, USA; Electric chair)
John Justin BuntingConvicted of 11; Suspected of 1 moreMaleCaucasianAustraliaTerritorialPersonal Cause, Criminal Enterprise, Group Cause, Sadistic1966/09/04 (Inala, Queensland, Australia)n/a
Angelo Buono Jr.One of the Hillside Stranglers10MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1934/10/04 (Rochester, New York, USA)2002/09/21 (Heart attack)
William BurkeBrendan "Dynes" Burke17MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialCriminal Enterprise1792 Ireland1829/01/28 (Hanged)
Bruce Burrell2MaleCaucasianAustraliaNomadicCriminal Enterprise1953/01/25n/a
Alexander BychkovThe Cannibal Serial Killer6+MaleCaucasianRussiaTerritorialUnknown1989 (abt)n/a
Rodney Francis Cameron8MaleCaucasianAustraliaNomadicSexual1952 (abt)n/a
Charles Rodney Campbell3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1954/10/21 (Hawaii, USA)1994/05/27 (Hanged)
John CannanThe Lady KillerConvicted of 1, Suspected of 3 moreMaleCaucasianUnited KingdomTerritorialSexual, Criminal Enterprise1954/02/20n/a
Harvey CarignanThe Want-Ad Killer, Harv the Hammer5+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1927/05/18 (Fargo, North Dakota, USA)n/a
David CarpenterThe Trailside Killer5-9MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1930/05/06 (San Francisco, CA, USA)n/a
Michael Bear CarsonJames Clifford Carson3MaleCaucasianUSANomadicGroup Cause1950n/a
Suzan Barnes Carson3FemaleCaucasianUSANomadicGroup Cause1942n/a
Stacey CastorThe Black WidowConvicted of 1; Suspected of anotherFemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1967/07/27 (Clay, New York, USA)n/a
Edward Castro2MaleHispanicUSAUnknownUnknown1950/01/262000/12/07 (Florida; Lethal injection)
Jarvis R. Catoe7+MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexualUnknown1943/01/15 (Electric chair)
Richard Trenton ChaseThe Dracula Killer, The Vampire of Sacramento6MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1950/05/23 (Santa Clara County, CA, USA)1980/12/26 (Suicide by overdose)
Andrei ChikatiloThe Butcher of Rostov, The Red Ripper, The Rostov Ripper4"53"MaleCaucasianUSSR, Russia, UkraineNomadicSexual1936/10/16 (Yablochnoye, Ukrainian SSR)1994/02/14 (Novocherkassk, Russia)
William Choyce4MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1954 (abt)n/a
William Dean Christenson5+MaleCaucasianUSA, CanadaNomadicSexual, Personal Cause?1945Unknown
John ChristieReg6-8MaleCaucasianGreat BritainStationarySexual1899/04/08 (Halifax, Yorkshire, Great Britain)1953/07/15 (Pentonville Prison, London, Great Britain; Hanged)
Joseph ChristopherThe .22-Caliber Killer, The Midtown Slasher12MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal CauseUnknownn/a
Doug ClarkOne of the Sunset Strip Killers, One of the Hollywood Slashers7-8MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1948/05/10 (Pennsylvania)n/a
Hadden ClarkKristen Bluefin, The Rockville Rocket2-15MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1952/07/31 (Troy, New York, USA)n/a
Nathaniel Code Jr.8MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual or Personal Cause1956/03/12 (Shreveport, Louisiana, USA)n/a
Jill CoitThe Louisiana Black Widow1; Likely anotherFemaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise1943 or 1944n/a
Carroll Cole16MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1938/05/09 (Sioux City, Iowa, USA)1985/12/06 (Lethal injection)
Alton Coleman8MaleBlackUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1955/11/06 (Waukegan, Illinois, USA)2002/04/26
John Norman CollinsThe Ypsilanti Killer, The Co-Ed KillerConvicted of 1; Suspected of 4 moreMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1947/06/17 (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)n/a
Tamiani Strangler6MaleHispanicUSATerritorialSexual?1965/06/14 (Barranquilla, Columbia)n/a
Adolfo de Jesus ConstanzoEl Padrino de Matamoros (The Godfather of Matamoros), The Witch Doctor25+MaleHispanicUSA, MexicoTerritorialGroup Cause1962/11/01 (Miami, Florida, USA)1989/05/06 (Mexico City; Suicide)Committed suicide prior to being caught
William Cook6MaleCaucasianUSANomadicPersonal Cause1928/23/23 (Joplin, Missouri, USA)1952/12/12 (Gas chamber)
Eric Edgar CookeThe Night Caller8MaleCaucasianAustraliaTerritorialCriminal Enterprise, Sexual?1931/02/25 (Perth, Western Australia, Australia)1964/10/26 (Hanged)
John Leslie Coombes3MaleCaucasianAustraliaUnknownSexual1954 (abt)n/a
Samuel James Cooper5MaleBlackUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise1977 (abt)n/a
David CopelandMr. Angry4MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialPersonal Cause1976/05/15 (London, Great Britain)n/a
Ray Copeland5+MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1914 (Oklahoma, USA)1993
Tammy Corbett3FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1965/10/02 (Illinois, USA)n/a
Dean CorllThe Candy Man27-29MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1939/12/24 (Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA)1973/08/08 (Shot by accomplice)
Juan CoronaThe Machete Murderer25MaleHispanicUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1934 (Autlán, Jalisco, Mexico)n/a
Antone CostaTony Cotsa, Lord Antone, Sire of All That Is True20MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic19451974/05/12 (Suicide)
Richard CottinghamThe Torso Killer6MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1946/11/25 (Bronx, New York, USA)n/a
Robert Otis Coulson5MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise1968/03/11 (USA)2002/06/25 (Texas; Lethal injectino)
John Martin Crawford4MaleCaucasianCanadaTerritorialSexual1962/03/29 (Steinback, Manitoba, Canada)n/a
Thomas Neill CreamThe Lambeth Poisoner5MaleCaucasianCanada, USA, United KingdomNomadicSexual, Sadistic1850/05/27 (Glasgow, Scotland)1892/11/15 (Executed by hanging)
John Brennan CrutchleyThe Vampire RapistSuspected of 30+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1946/10/01 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)2002/03/30 (Bowling Green, Florida, USA; Asphyxiation)
Istvan CsontosCharged with 6MaleCaucasianHungaryTerritorialGroup CauseUnknownn/aCurrently on trial
Charles Cullen35-45MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal Cause1960/02/22 (West Orange, New Jersey, USA)n/a
Andrew Cunanan5MaleAsian & CaucasianUSANomadicUnknown1969/08/31 (National City, California, USA)1997/07/23 (Miami Beach, Florida, USA; Suicide)
Andonis DaglisThe Athens Ripper3MaleCaucasianGreeceNomadicSexual1974 (Greece)n/a
Jeffrey DahmerThe Milwaukee Cannibal, The Milwaukee Monster16-17MaleCaucasianUSAStationarySexual, Sadistic1960/05/21 (West Allis, Wisconsin, USA)1994/11/28 (Portage, Wisconsin, USA; Severe head trauma)
James DaveggioFroggie4+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1960/07/27 (San Francisco, California, USA)n/a
Marcelo Costa De Andrade14MaleHispanicBrazilTerritorialSexualUnknownn/a
Mike DeBardelebenConvicted serial rapist; Died in prison before he could be brought to trial for murders connected after his initial convictoinMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1940/03/20 (Little Rock, Arkansas, USA)2011/01/26 (Butner, North Carolina, USA; Pneumonia)
Frederick Bailey Deeming6/a>MaleCaucasianAustraliaStationaryCriminal Enterprise?1853/07/30 (Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, Great Britain)1892/05/23 (Hanged)
Karl Denke31MaleCaucasianGermanyStationarySexual1870/08/12 (Oberkunzendorf, Münsterberg, Silesia, Kingdom of Prussia)1924/12/22 (Suicide)
Paul Charles DenyerThe Frankston KillerConvicted of 3, Suspected of 2 moreMaleCaucasianAustraliaTerritorialSexual1972/04/14 (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)n/a
Gilles de RaisThe Original Bluebeard80-200MaleCaucasianFranceTerritorialSexual, Sadistic1404 (Machecoul, Brittany)1440/10/26 (Nantes, Brittany; Hanged)Companion-in-arms of Joan of Arc.
Albert DeSalvoThe Boston Strangler13; Although some dispute his confessionMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1931/09/03 (Chelsea, Massachusetts, USA)1973/11/25 (Stabbed)
Sukhwinder Dhillon6MaleAsianIndiaStationaryCriminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a
Samuel John DietemanOne of the Phoenix Serial ShootersConvicted of 2MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal Cause?1975/10/17n/a
Thomas Lee Dillon5MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal Cause1950 (abt)2011/10/21 (Ohio, USA; Unspecified illness)
Leopold DionMonster of Pont-Rouge4MaleCaucasianCanadaTerritorialSexual19211972/11/17 (Quebec)
Mark Dizon9MaleAsianThe PhillippinesTerritorialCriminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a
Westley Allan DoddThe Vancouver Child KillerConvicted of 3; Suspected in over 50MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1961/07/03 (Toppenish, Washington, USA)1993/01/05 (Hanged)
Ronald Dominique23+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1964/01/09 (Thibodaux, Louisiana, USA)n/a
Nannie DossThe Giggling Nanny, The Giggling Granny, The Jolly Black Widow, Nancy Hazle11FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1905/11/04 (Blue Mountain, Alabama, USA)1965/06/02 (Leukemia)
John DuffyOne of the Railway Killers, One of the Railway Rapists3MaleCaucasianUnited KingdomNomadicSexual1959 (London, England, United Kingdom)
Brian James Dugan3-5MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1956/09/23 (Nashua, New Hampshire, USA)n/a
Joseph Edward Duncan III5-7+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1963/02/25 (Tacoma, Washington, USA)n/a
Jon Dunkle3MaleCaucasianUSANomadicPersonal Cause1960n/a
Peter Norris DupasConvicted of 3; Suspected in 6MaleCaucasianAustralianTerritorialSexual1953/07/06 (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)n/a
Paul DurousseauThe Jackson Ville Serial KillerSuspected of 7MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1970/08/11 (Beaumont, Texas, USA)n/a
Theodore DurrantThe Demon of the Belfry2MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise, Sexual1871 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)1898/01 (San Quentin, California, USA; Hanged)
Marc Dutroux5MaleCaucasianBelgiumTerritorialSexual, Sadistic1956/11/06 (Ixelles, Belgium)n/a
Amelia DyerAmelia Hobley6 confirmed; Suspected in up to 400FemaleCaucasianEnglandStationaryCriminal Enterprise1838 (Pyle Marsh, Bristol, England)1896/06/10 (Newgate Prison, London, England)
Edward Edwards5MaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise, Sexual1934 (abt)2011/04/07 (Columbus, Ohio; Natural causes)
Mack Ray Edwards6-20MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1918 (Arkansas, USA)1971/10/30 (Suicide)
John Charles Eichinger4MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal Cause?Unknownn/a
Walter Ellis7MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexualUnknownn/a
Glennon EnglemanThe Killing Dentist7MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise19281999
Kenneth ErskineThe Stockwell Stranger7-11MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialSexual1962 (Great Britain)n/a
Scott Erskine3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1962/12/22 (San Diego, California, USA)n/a
Ellen Etheridge4FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal CauseUnknownUnknown
Gary Charles EvansRed, Evans the Air Pirate, Gar, Twinkie Bandit, Louis Murray, Jack Flynn5MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal Cause, Criminal Enterprise1954/10/07 (South Troy, New York, USA)1998/08/14 (Suicide)
Geoffrey Evans2MaleCaucasianIrelandNomadicSexual1943 (abt)2012/05/20
Wesley Gareth Evans2MaleCaucasianCanadaTerritorialSexualUnknownUnkown
Richard Marc Evonitz3; Suspected of moreMaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1963/07/29 (Columbia, South Carolina, USA)2002/06/27 (Sarasota, Florida, USA; Suicide)
Larry EylerThe Highway Killer, The Interstate Killer21-23MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSadistic1952/12/21 (Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA)1994/03/06 (Pontiac, Illinois, USA; AIDS)
Christine Laverne Slaughter FallingConvicted of 3; Suspected in 3 moreFemaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal CauseUnknownn/a
Cordell Farrington4MaleBlackThe BahamasTerritorialSexualUnknownn/a
Raymond FernandezOne of The Lonely Hearts KillersConvicted of 3; Suspected in up to 20MaleHispanicUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise1914/12/17 (Hawaii)1951/03/08 (Sing Sing prison; Execution by electric chair)
Joseph J. FischerConvicted of 2; Suspected in 3 more; Confessed to 18-150MaleCaucasianUSANomadicUnknownUnknownUnknown
Albert FishThe Gray Man, The Werewolf of Wysteria, The Brooklyn Vampire, The Boogey Man6-9MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSadistic1870/05/19 (Washington, D.C., USA)1936/01/16 (Electric chair)
Catherine FlanniganOne of the Black Widows of LiverpoolConvicted of 2; Suspected in moreFemaleCaucasianIrelandTerritorialCriminal Enterprise18291884/03/03 (Kirkdale Prison, Ireland; Hanged)
Kathleen FolbiggKathleen Megan Donovan4FemaleCaucasianAustraliaStationaryPersonal Cause1967/06/14n/a
Wayne Adam Ford4+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1961/12/03 (Petaluma, California, USA)n/a
Michel FourniretThe Ogre of the Ardennes9MaleCaucasianFrance, BelgiumTerritorialSexual1942/04/04 (Sedan, France)n/a
Robert Mitchell FoustConvicted of 2; Suspected in 2 moreMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1960 (Abt)n/a
Morris Frampton3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexualUnknownn/a
Kendall FrancoisThe Poughkeepsie Killer, Stinky8-10MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1971/07/26 (Poughkeepsie, New York, USA)n/a
Joseph Paul FranklinJames Clayton Vaughn, Jr.At least 7MaleCaucasianUSANomadicPersonal Cause1950/04/13 (Mobile, Alabama)n/aConfessed to the attempted murders of Larry Flynt and Vernon Jordan, but was convicted of neither.
Lonnie Franklin Jr.The Grim SleeperAccused of 10MaleBlackUSAUnknownSexualUnknownn/aHas not been tried yet.
Leonard FraserThe Bad Seed4MaleCaucasianAustraliaTerritorialSexual1951/06/27 (Ingham, Queensland, Australia)2007/01/01 (Natural causes)
Robert Fry4MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1973/08/18 (Farmington, New Mexico, USA)n/a
Sharon Fuller Nelson HarrelsonThe American Black Widow2FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal EnterpriseUnknownUnknown
William Patrick Fyfe5-9MaleCaucasianCanadaTerritorialSexual1955/02/27n/a
John Wayne Gacy Jr.The Killer Clown33MaleCaucasianUSAStationarySexual, Sadistic1942/03/17 (Chicago, Illinois, USA)1994/05/10 (Crest Hill, Illinois, USA; Lethal injection)
Irina GaidamachukRaskolnikov in a Skirt, Satan in a Skirt17FemaleCaucasianRussiaTerritorialCriminal Enterprise1971 (abt)n/a
Charlene Gallego10FemaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1956/10/10 (Sacramento, CA, USA)n/a
Gerald Gallego10MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1946/07/17 (Sacramento, CA, USA)2002/07/18 (Nevada; Rectal cancer)
Luis GaravitoLa Bestia, TribilinConvicted of 138; Accused of 172; Some think 400+MaleHispanicColumbiaNomadicSexual, Sadistic1957/01/25 (Génova, Quindío, Colombia)n/a
Michael GargiuloAccused of 3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1976n/aCurrently on trial
Gilles GarnierThe Hermit of St. Bonnot, The Werewolf of Dole4+MaleCaucasianFranceTerritorialSexualUnknown1573/01/18 (Burned at the stake)
Carlton GaryThe Stocking Strangler7+MaleBlackUSANomadicSexual1952/12/15 (Columbus, Georgia, USA)n/a
Donald Gaskins Jr.Meanest Man in America, The Redneck Charles Manson, Junior Parrott, Pee WeeConvicted of 8; Confessed to 100+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic, Personal Cause, Criminal Enterprise1933/03/13 (Florence County, South Carolina, USA)1991/09/06 (Electric chair)
Alfred GaynorConvicted of 4; Suspected of 9+MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexualUnknownn/a
Robin GechtMember of the Chicago Rippers; Member of the Ripper Crew18MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialGroup Cause, Sexual1953 (Menard, IL, USA)n/a
Ed GeinThe Plainfield Ghoul2MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1906/08/27 (La Crosse County, WIsconsin, USA)1984/07/26 (Madison, Wisconsin; Respiratory and heart failure)
Nolan Ray George3+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1944 (abt)n/a
Janie Lou Gibbs5FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1932/12/25 (Georgia, USA)2010/02/07
Kristen GilbertThe Angel of Death4FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1967/11/13 (Fall River, Massachusetts, USA)n/a
Sean Vincent Gillis8MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1963 (Louisiana)n/a
Lorenzo Gilyard13+MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1950/05/24n/a
Harvey GlatmanThe Glamour Girl Slayer, The Lonely-Hearts Killer3 or 4MaleCaucasianUSAStationarySexual, Sadistic1927/12/10 (The Bronx, New York, USA)1959/09/18 (Gas chamber)
John Wayne GloverThe Granny Killer9MaleCaucasianAustraliaTerritorialPersonal Cause, some indications of Sexual1932/11/26 (Midlands, England, United Kingdom)2005/09/09 (Suicide)
Cayetano Santos GodinoPetiso Orejudo4MaleHispanicArgentinaTerritorialProbably Sexual1896/10/31 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)1944/11/15
Billy GohlGhoul of Grays Harbor, Billy MontanaConvicted of 2; Suspected of 41+MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1873/02/06 (German)1927/03/03 (Spokane County, Washington, USA; Lobar pneumonia)
Helen GolayOne of the Black Widow Murderers2FemaleCaucasianUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise1931n/a
Arthur Goode III2MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1954/03/28 (Hyattsville, Maryland, USA)1984/04/05 (Electric chair)
David Alan Gore6MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1953/08/21 (Florida)2012/04/12 (Indian River County, Florida, USA; Lethal Injection)
Jeffrey Gorton2MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1962/11/01n/a
Mark GoudeauBaseline Killer9MakeBlackUSATerritorialSexual1965 (abt)n/a
Gwendolyn Graham5FemaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1963/08/06n/a
Harrison GrahamMarty7MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1958/10/09n/a
Curtis Grantham3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialUnknownUnknownn/a
Dana Sue Gray3FemaleCaucasianUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise1958 (abt)n/a
Vaughn Orrin GreenwoodThe Skid Row Slasher11MaleBlackUSATerritorialPersonal Cause1944 (Pennsylvania, USA)n/a
Stephen GriffithsCrossbow Cannibal3MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialSexual1969/12/24 (Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, Great Britain)n/a
Caroline GrillsCaroline Mickelson4FemaleCaucasianAustraliaStationaryCriminal Enterprise, Personal Cause1890 (abt)1960/10/06 (Peritonitis)
Allan GrimsonFrank, Frankenstein2, As many 20 others suspectedMaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialSexual1959 (abt)n/a
James B. Grinder4MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexualUnknownn/a
Richard Grissom, Jr.3MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexualUnknownn/a
Georg GroßmannCarl Friedrich Wilhelm Großmann26-50+MaleCaucasianGermanyStationarySexual, Sadistic1863/12/13 (Neuruppin, Germany)1922/07/05 (Suicide)
Vincent Groves18-20+MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexualunknown1996
Maria GruberOne of the Lainz Angels of Death49-200FemaleCaucasianAustriaStationaryPersonal Cause1960n/a
Jeffery Lee GuilloryCharged with 3MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexualabt 1966n/a
Belle GunnessHell's Belle, Belle Sorenson40+FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1859/11/11 (Selbu, Norway)Disputed; Some say 1908/04/28 (La Porte, Indiana, USA)
Fritz HaarmanThe Butcher of Hanover, The Vampire of Hanover24-27MaleCaucasianGermanyStationarySexual, Sadistic1879/10/25 (Hanover Germany)1925/04/15 (Guillotine)
Anna Marie HahnArsenic Annie, The Blond Borgia, The German Housemaid, The Poison Angel, The Angel of Mercy5FemaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise1906/07/07 (Fuessen, Germany)1938/12/07 (Electric chair)
John George HaighThe Acid Bath Murderer, The Vampire Killer, The Vampire of London7-9MaleCaucasianGreat BritainStationaryCriminal Enterprise1909/07/24 (Stamford, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom1949/08/10 (Hanged; Wandsworth Prison, Wandsworth, United Kingdom)
Paul Steven Haigh7MaleCaucasianAustraliaTerritorialCriminal Enterprise, Sexual1958 (abt)n/a
Larry HallSuspected of severalMaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1962/12/11 (Wabash, Indiana, USA)n/a
Roy Archibald HallRoy Fontaine, The Monster Butler5MaleCaucasianGreat BritainNomadicCriminal Enterprise1924/06/17 (Glasgow, Great Britain)2002 (Kinston Prison, Portsmouth, Great Britain)
Robert Hansen17-21MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1939/02/15 (Estherville, Iowa, USA)n/a
William Hare17MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialCriminal Enterprise1792 or 1804Unknown
David HarkerConvicted of 1; Claims 2 othersMaleCaucasianGreat BritainNomadicSexualUnknownn/a
Micajah HarpeBigUnknownMaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1768 (abt)1799/08
Wiley HarpeLittleUnknownMaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1770 (abt)1804/02/08
Donald Harvey36-57MaleCaucasianUSAStationarySadistic1952/04/15 (Bonneville, Kentucky, USA)n/a
Joseph HarwellConvicted of 3; Suspected in another 9MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexualUnknownn/a
Charles Ray HatcherCrazy Charlie, Mr. Prince16MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1929/07/16 (Mound City, Missouri, USA)1984/12/07 (Hanged)
Dale Shawn HausnerOne of the Phoenix Serial ShootersConvicted of 6; Charged with 8MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal Cause?1973/02/04n/a
Steven HayesConvicted of 3 in one incident; Claims 17 moreMaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexualUnknownn/a
Gary HeidnikBrother Bishop6MaleCaucasianUSAStationarySexual, Sadistic1943/11/22 (Eastlake, Ohio, USA)1999/07/06 (Lethal injection)
William George HeirensThe Lipstick Killer3 (or 0)MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1928/11/15 (Evanston, Illinois, USA)2012/03/05 (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Danny HembreeAccused of 3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1962 (abt)n/a
Elmer Wayne Henley27-30MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryGroup Cause, Sexual, Sadistic1956/05/09 (Houston, Texas, USA)n/a
Loren HerzogOne of the Speed Freak Killers4-24; Convicted of 3 (overturned on coerced testimony)MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic19652012/01/17 (Susanville, CA, USA; Suicide by hanging)
J. Frank Hickey3MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1865/10/26 (Lowell, Massachusetts, USA)1922/05/08
Margaret HigginsOne of the Black Widows of LiverpoolConvicted of 2; Suspected in moreFemaleCaucasianIrelandTerritorialCriminal Enterprise18431884/03/03 (Kirkdale Prison, Ireland; Hanged)
Audrey Marie Hilley2FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1933/06/041987/02 (Heart attack)
Gary Michael HiltonConvicted of 2; Suspected of 3 moreMaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a
Myra HindleyMoors Murderer5FemaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialGroup Cause1942/07/232002/11/15 (Bronchial pneumonia)
Kang Ho-Sun10MaleAsianSouth KoreaTerritorialSexual, Criminal Enterprise?1971 (abt)n/a
Steven HobbsSuspected of 2+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1971 (abt)n/a
William Dathan HolbertWild BillConfessed to 5; Suspected in at least 1 moreMaleCaucasianPanama, Costa RicaNomadicCriminal Enterprise1980 (abt)n/a
H. H. HolmesHerman Webster MudgettConvicted of 27; Suspected of 200+MaleCaucasianUSAStationary; later NomadicCriminal Enterprise, Sexual, Sadistic1861/05/16 (Gilmanton, New Hampshire, USA)1896/05/07 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Hanged)
Karla HomolkaKarla Leanne Teale, Emily Bordelais3FemaleCaucasianCanadaStationarySadistic1970/05/04 (Port Credit, Ontario, Canada)n/a
Raymont HopewellMoney5MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1971/06/11 (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)n/a
John W. Hopkins3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexualUnknown2000 (Suicide)
Waneta Ethel Hoyt5FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1946/05/131998/08/13
Michael HughesConvicted of 7; Charged in 1 moreMaleBlackUSANomadicSexual1957 (abt)n/a
Thomas D. HuskeyZoo Man4MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1961 (abt)
William Inmon3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal CauseUnknownn/a
Miyuki IshikawaOni-Sanba (demon-midwife)85-169FemaleAsianJapanTerritorialPersonal Cause1897 (Miyazaki, Japan)Unknown
Javed IqbalJaved Iqbal HughalUp to 100MaleAsianPakistanTerritorialSexual1956 (Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan)2001/10/08 (Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan; Apparent suicide by poison)
Colin IrelandThe Gay Slayer5MaleCaucasianUnited KingdomTerritorialPersonal Cause, maybe Sexual1954/03/16 (Dartford, Kent, England, UK)2012/03/22 (West Yorkshire, England)
Virginia Jaspers3FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1924 (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)2004/04
Keith Hunter JespersonThe Happy Face Killer8MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1955/04/06 (Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada)n/a
Martha Ann JohnsonMartha Ann Bowen4FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1955n/a
Russell Maurice JohnsonBedroom Strangler7+MaleCaucasianCanadaTerritorialSexual, Sadisticunknownn/a
Vincent JohnsonBrooklyn Strangler6MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1969/01/06n/a
John JohnstonLiver-Eating, John Johnson40+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicPersonal Cause1824 (abt)1900/01/21
Genene Jones11-46FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1950/07/13 (Texas, USA)n/a
Jeremy Bryan JonesUp to 20MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexualUnknownn/a
John JoubertWoodford Slasher3MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1963/07/02 (Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA)1996/07/17 (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA; Electric chair)
Ted KaczynskiThe Unabomber3MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1942/05/22 (Chicago, Illinois, USA)n/a
Zeng KaiguiSuspected of 7MaleAsianChinaNomadicCriminal Enterprise1970 (abt)n/a
Joseph KallingerThe Shoemaker3MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1935/12/11 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)1996/03/26 (Epileptic seizure)
Shankiriya KanpatimarShankiriya Kampatimar70+MaleAsianIndiaNomadicSexual, Criminal Enterpriseunknown1979/05/15 (Hanged)
Hatsutaro KawamataOni-Sanba (demon-midwife)25+FemaleAsianJapanTerritorialPersonal CauseUnknownUnknown
Patrick KearneyThe Freeway Killer, The Trash Bag Killer35+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1940 (Texas, USAn/a
Edmund KemperThe Co-Ed Killer, Big Ed10MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1948/12/18 (Burbank, California, USA)n/a
Rasu Khan11MaleAsianBangladeshNomadicPersonal Cause, Sexual1969 (abt)n/a
Yasin KhanSando, Lambu Ibrahim KhanConfessed to 4MaleAsianIndiaTerritorialCriminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a
Rober KibbeThe I-5 Strangler6MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1939 (abt)n/a
Scott Lee KimballConvicted of 3; Suspected of several moreMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialUnknown1966/09/21 (Boulder, Colorado, USA)n/a
Sante Kimes5FemaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise1934/07/24n/a
Sharon Kinne3FemaleCaucasianUSA, MexicoNomadicCriminal Enterprise1940 (abt)Unknown
Martin Kipp2MaleAmerican IndianUSATerritorialSexualUnknownn/a
Anthony Kirkland4MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexualUnknownn/a
Arpad KissCharged with 6MaleCaucasianHungaryTerritorialGroup CauseUnknownn/aCurrently on trial
Béla Kiss24+MaleCaucasianHungaryStationaryUnknown, probably Sexual1877Unknown (disappeared)
Istvan KissCharged with 6MaleCaucasianHungaryTerritorialGroup CauseUnknownn/aCurrently on trial
Tillie KlimekTillie Gburek7FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise18761935
Theresa Cross Knorr3FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1946/03/14 (Sacramento, CA, USA)n/a
Paul John KnowlesThe Cassanova Killer, Lester Daryl Gates, Daryl Golden18; Claimed 35MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Criminal Enterprise1946/04/17 (Orlando, Florida, USA)1974/12/18 (Shot while trying to escape)
Andrew KokoraleisMember of the Chicago Rippers; Member of the Ripper Crew18MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialGroup Cause, Sexual19611999/03/16 (Lethal injection)
Thomas KokoraleisMember of the Chicago Rippers; Member of the Ripper Crew18MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialGroup Cause, Sexual1958 (Illinois, USA)n/a
Surender KoliConvicted of 4; Suspected of 12 moreMaleAsianIndiaStationarySexual1970 or 1971n/a
Vasili KomaroffThe Wolf of Moscow, Man - Machine, Shabolovskaya Killer, Vailiy Komarov33+MaleCaucasianRussiaTerritorialCriminal Enterprise1977 (abt)1923/06/18 (firing squad)
Randy Steven KraftThe Freeway Killer, The Score-Card Killer16-51+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1945/03/19 (Long Beach, California, USA)n/a
Timothy Krajcir9+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1944/11/28 (West Mahanoy Towmship, Pennsylvania, USA)n/a
Rex Allen Krebs2MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1966/01/28 (Sandpoint, Idaho, USA)n/a
Joachim KrollThe Ruhr Cannibal (Ruhrkannibale), The Ruhr Hunter (Ruhrjäger), The Duisburg Man-Eater (Duisburger Menschenfresser), Uncle Joachim (Onkel Joachim)Convicted of 8; Confessed to 12MaleCaucasianGermanyNomadicSexual1933/04/17 (Germany)1991/07/01 (Rheinbach, Germany; Heart attack)
Richard KuklinskiThe Iceman, The PolackConvicted of 5; Claims 250MaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise1935/04/11 (Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)2006/03/05 (Trenton, New Jersey; Natural causes)
Mohan KumarCyanide MohanAccused of 20MaleAsianIndiaTerritorialCriminal Enterprise, Sexual?Unknownn/a
Ilshat Kuzikov3MaleCaucasianRussiaStationarySexualUnknownn/a
Peter KürtenThe Vampire of Düsseldorf9MaleCaucasianGermanyTerritorialSexual, Personal Cause?1883/05/26 (Mülheim am Rhein)1931/07/02 (Cologne, Germany; Decapitation by guillotine)
Sheila LaBarreSheila the Peeler, Firecracker, Cayce3FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1958/07/04 (Fort Payne, Alabama, USA)n/a
Leonard LakeLeonard Hill, Alan Drey, Randy Jacobsen, Robin S. Stapley, Charles Gunnar, Paul Cosner11-25MaleCaucasianUSAStationarySexual, Sadistic1945/10/29 (San Francisco, CA, USA)1985/06/06 (Suicide)
Adam Leroy LaneHighway Killer2MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexualUnknownn/a
Anthony Joe LaRetteBelieved to have killed 24; Claimed 30MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexualUnknown1995/11/29 (Missouri, USA; Lethal injection)
Derrick Todd LeeThe Baton Rouge Serial Killer7-10MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1968/11/05 (St. Francisville, Louisiana, USA)n/a
Cody Alan LegebokoffCharged in 4MaleCaucasianCanadaTerritorialUnknown1990 (abt)n/a
Irene LeidolfOne of the Lainz Angels of Death49-200FemaleCaucasianAustriaStationaryPersonal Cause1960n/a
Cesar Armando Librado LegorretaEl CoquetoAccused of 7MaleHispanicMexicoTerritorialSexual1983 (abt)n/a
Robin Stanislaw LigusConvicted of 3; Confessed to 1 more; Suspected in othersMaleCaucasianUnited KingdomTerritorialCriminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a
William Darrell LindseyRed Bird, Crazy Bill7MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1935/03/18 (Palatka, Florida, USA)2001/04/17
Bobby Joe LongBobbie Joe Long, The Classified Ad Rapist10+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1953/10/14 (Kenova, West Virginia, USA)n/a
Pedro LópezThe Monster of the AndesConvicted of 110; Confessed to another 240MaleHispanicPeru, Columbia, EcuadorNomadicSexual1948/10/08 (Santa Isabel, Tolima, Colombia)n/a
Henry Lee LucasThe Confession KillerConvicted of 11; Confessed to 600+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1936/08/23 (Blacksburg, Virginia, USA)2001/03/13 (Heart failure)
Thomas Edward LutherConvicted of 1; Suspected in 8MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1957/06/23 (Hardwick, Vermont, USA)n/a
Bruno Lüdke51MaleCaucasianGermanyTerritorialSexual1908/04/031944/04/26
Maoupa Cedric MaakeThe Wemmer Pan Killer27+MaleBlackSouth AfricaTerritorialSexual1965n/a
William MacDonaldThe Mutilator, Allan Ginsberg, Alan Edward Brennan5MaleCaucasianAustraliaTerritorialSexual1924 (Liverpool, United Kingdom)n/a
Patrick MackayFranklin Bollvolt The First3-11MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialCriminal Enterprise, Sexual1952/12/21 (England, Great Britain)n/a
Hiroshi MaeueThe Suicide Website Murderer3MaleAsianJapanTerritorialSadistic1968/08/08 (Osaka, Japan)2009/07/28 (Hanged)
Orville Lynn Majors6+MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1961/04/24 (Linton, Indiana, USA)n/a
Lee Boyd MalvoBeltway Snipers, D.C. Snipers10MaleBlackUSATerritorialGroup Cause1985/02/18 (Kingston, Jamaica)n/a
Charles MansonConvicted of 7 via the joint responsibility ruleMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialGroup Cause1934/11/12 (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)n/aSome would not count Manson as a serial killer as he ordered the killers rather than carrying them out himself.
Peter ManuelThe Beast of Birkenshaw9MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialSexual1927/03/13 (New York, USA)1958/07/11 (Hanged)
Enriqueta MartíEnriqueta Martí i Ripollés12+FemaleHispanicSpainStationarySexual, Criminal Enterprise1868 (Sant Feliu de Llobregat)1913/05/12 (Barcelona, Spain)
Sergei MartynovConvicted of 1; Accused of 8 moreMaleCaucasianRussiaNomadicSexualunknownn/a
Michael Dee Mattson5MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1953/07/23 (Utah, USA)n/a
Carolyn McCraryOne of the McCrary Family22FemaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal EnterpriseUnknownUnknown
Danny McCraryOne of the McCrary Family22MaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise1953 (abt)Unknown
Sherman McCraryOne of the McCrary Family22MaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise1925 (abt)Unknown
Patrick McCulloughUnknownMaleCaucasianUSAUnknownUnknown1960 (Alaska, USA)2001
Kenneth Allen McDuffThe Broomstick Murderer, The Broomstick Killer, The Bad Boy from RosebudConvicted of 5; Suspected in at least 4 more.MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1946/03/21 (Rosebud, Texas, USA)1998/11/17 (Lethal injection)
Michael Wayne McGrayConvicted of 7; Confessed to 16MaleCaucasianUSA, CanadaNomadicSexual, Personal CauseUnknownn/a
David Meirhofer4MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1949/06/05 (Montana, USA)1974/09/29 (Suicide)
Bruce MendenhallThe Prosti-Shooter, The Rest Stop Killer, The Truck Stop KillerConvicted of 1; Charged with 3 additional; Suspected of many moreMaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1951/04/14n/a
Joseph Roy MethenyThe Cannibal Killer12MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexualunknownn/a
Stephanija MeyerOne of the Lainz Angels of Death49-200FemaleCaucasianAustriaStationaryPersonal Cause1960n/a
David Stephen MiddletonThe Cable Guy3MaleBlackUSANomadicSexual1961/06/25n/a
Gennady Mikhasevich36 confirmed; confessed to 43MaleCaucasianSoviet UnionTerritorialSexual1947 (Vitebsk Oblast, Byelorussian SSR)1987 (Executed)
Ivan MilatThe Backpack Murderer7MaleCaucasianAustraliaTerritorialSadistic1944/12/27 (Guildford, New South Wales, Australia)n/a
Donald Miller4MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1954/12/28n/a
James William MillerOne of the Truro Killers6MaleCaucasianAustraliaNomadicGroup Cause1940/02/022008/10/21
Vladimir Mirgorod16+MaleCaucasianRussiaTerritorialSexual1980 (abt)n/a
Madumetsa Jack Mogal16MaleBlackSouth AfricaTerritorialSexual, Criminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a
Peter Moore"Blanche Taylor Moore"Peter Moore"2-5"FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1933/02/17n/a
Peter MooreThe Man in Black4MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialSexual or Personal Cause?1940n/a
John Allen MuhammadeBeltway Snipers, D.C. Snipers, Tarot Card Sniper10MaleBlackUSATerritorialPersonal Cause1960/12/31 (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)n/a
David MulcahyOne of the Railway Killers, One of the Railway Rapists3MaleCaucasianUnited KingdomNomadicSexual1959 (London, England, United Kingdom)
Herbert Mullinn/a13MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal Cause1947/04/18 (Salinas, California, USA)n/a
Mahanand NaikConfessed to 16; Suspected in 20+; Acquitted of 5 so farMaleAsianIndiaTerritorialCriminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a
Chung Nam-kyu13MaleAsianSouth KoreaUnknownSexual, Criminal EnterpriseUnknown2009/11/21 (Suicide by hanging)
Joseph NasoAccused of 4: Suspected in 6 moreMaleCaucasianUSANomadicUnknown1934/01/07 (New York, USA)n/a
Donald NeilsonDonald Nappey, The Black Panther4MaleCaucasianUnited KingdomNomadicCriminal Enterprise1936/08/01 (Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom2011/12/18 (Norwitch, Norfolk, United Kingdom)
Earle Leonard NelsonThe Dark Strangler, The Gorilla Killer20+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1897/05/12 (San Francisco, California, USA)1928/01/13 (Hanged)
Betty NeumarThe Black WidowUp to 5FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause and/or Criminal Enterprise?1931/11 (Ironton, Ohio, USA)2011/06/13 (Louisiana, USA)
Charles Ng12-25MaleAsianUSAStationarySexual, Sadistic1960/12/24 (Hong Kong)n/a
Dennis NilsenMuswell Hill Murderer, The Kindly Killer, The British Jeffrey Dahmer15MaleCaucasianGreat BritainStationarySexual, Sadistic1945/11/23 (Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Great Britain)n/aSometimes known as the British Jeffrey Dahmer.
Marie Noe8FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryUnknown; Maybe Personal Cause1928n/a
Roy Lewis Norris5MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1948/02/02 (Greeley, Colorado, USA)n/a
Gordon Stewart Northcott4MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1906 (abt)1930/10/02
Aino Nykopp-Koski5FemaleCaucasianFinlandTerritorialUnknownUnknownn/a
Itzcoatl OcampoOC Serial Killer, Orange County Homeless KillerAccused of 6MaleHispanicUSATerritorialUnknown1988 (abt)n/a
Dianne OdellDianne Molina3FemaleCaucasianUSANomadicUnknown, Personal Cause?1953 (abt)n/a
Yosi OkelloAccused of 12MaleBlackUgandaTerritorialPersonal CauseUnknownn/aCurrently awaiting trial
Clifford OlsonThe Beast of British ColumbiaConfessed to 11MaleCaucasianCanadaTerritorialSadistic1940/01/012011/09/30
Anatoly OnoprienkoThe Beast of Ukraine, The Terminator, Citizen O52MaleCaucasianUSSR, UkraineTerritorialPersonal Cause1959/07/25 (Zhytomyr, Ukrainian SSR)n/a
Carl PanzramCarl Baldwin, Jeff Davis, Jefferson Rhodes, Jack Allen, Copper John21MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1891/06/28 (Polk County, Minnesota, USA)1930/09/05 (Leavenworth, Kansas, USA; Hanged)
Aziz Khan Mohammad PathanCharged with 15; Suspected of 3 moreMaleAsianIndiaTerritorialCriminal Enterprise, SexualUnknownn/a
Louise Peete6FemaleCaucasianUSANomadicPersonal Cause1880/09/20 (Bienville, Louisiana, USA)1947/04/11 (San Quentin State Prison, California, USA)
Steven PennellThe I-40 Killer, The Corridor Killer2-5MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1957/11/221992/03/14 (Lethal injection)
Derek PercyConvicted of 1; Suspected 8 moreMaleCaucasianAustraliaTerritorialUnknown1948/09/15 (Sydney, Australia)n/a
Marcel André Henri Félix PetiotUp to 60MaleCaucasianFranceStationaryCriminal Enterprise, Personal Cause1897/01/171946/05/25
Zsolt PetoCharged with 6MaleCaucasianHungaryTerritorialGroup CauseUnknownn/aCurrently on trial
Sello Alfred Phalane5MaleBlackHungaryNomadicSexual, Criminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a
Somkid PhumphuangThailand's Jack the Ripper5MaleAsianThailandTerritorialSexual?1965 (abt)n/a
Alexander PichushkinThe Bitsa Park Maniac, The Chessboard KillerConvicted of 48; Confessed to 63MaleCaucasianRussiaTerritorialSadistic1974/04/09 (Mytishchi, Moscow Oblast, Russia)n/a
Robert PicktonThe Pig Farmer KillerConvicted of 6; Accused of 20 more; Confessed to 49MaleCaucasianCanadaStationarySexual, Sadistic1949/10/29 (Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada)n/a
Sonny PierceCharged with 3MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1984 (abt)n/a
Colin PitchforkBlack Pad Killer2MaleCaucasianUnited KingdomTerritorialSexual1960/03 (Bristol, England, Great Britain)n/a
Tommy PiteraThe Butcher, Tommy KarateUp to 60MaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise, Sadistic1954/02/12 (Brooklyn, New York, USA)n/a
Jesse Pomeroy2MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSadistic1859/11/29 (Charlestown, Massachusetts, USA)1932/09/29 (Natural causes)
Hayden Poulter3MaleCaucasianNew ZealandTerritorialSexual1961n/a
Alfredo PrietoConvicted of 3; Suspected in 6 moreMaleHispanicUSANomadicSexualUnknownn/a
Cleophus Prince, Jr.Clairemont Killer6MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1967 (California, USA)n/a
Dorothea PuenteConvicted of 3; Accused of 9; Suspected of 25+FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1929/01/09 (Redlands, California, USA)2011/03/28 (Natural causes)
András PándyFather Bluebeard5+MaleCaucasianBelgiumStationaryUnknown1927/06/01 (Chop, Ukraine)n/a
Mahin Qadiri5FemaleArabIranUnknownUnknownUnknown2010/12
Wang Qiang45+MaleAsianChinaUnknownSexualUnknownUnknown
Dennis RaderThe BTK Killer, The BTK Strangler10-14MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1945/03/09 (Pittsburg, Kansas, USA)n/a
Giuseppe RaeliThe Monster of Cassibile, U Lupo (The Wolf)5MaleCaucasianItalyTerritorialPersonal CauseUnknownn/a
Richard RamirezThe Night Stalker14+MaleHispanicUSATerritorialSexual1960/02/28 (El Paso, Texas, USA)n/a
David Parker RayThe Toy Box KillerSuspected of 14-60MaleCaucasianUSAStationarySexual, Sadistric1939/11/06 (Belen, New Mexico, USA)2002/05/28 (Hobbs, New Mexico, USA; Myocardial infarction)
Melvin ReesSex Beast5MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual19331995
Paul Dennis Reid, Jr.7MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise1957/11/12n/a
Vera RencziVampire of Berkerekul35FemaleCaucasianRomaniaStationaryPersonal Cause19031960
Ángel Maturino ReséndizThe Railway Killer, The Railroad Killer, Rafael Resendez-Ramirez15+MaleHispanicUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise, Sexual1959/08/01 (Mexico)2006/06/27 (Huntsville, Texas. USA; Lethal injection)
Danilo RestivoConvicted of 1; Suspected of anotherMaleCaucasianUnited Kingdom, ItalyNomadicSexual, Sadistic1963 abtn/a
Robert Ben RhoadesWhips and Chains4+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1948/11/22 (Counsel Bluffs, Iowa, USA)n/a
Gary RidgwayThe Green River KillerConvicted of 49; Confessed to 71; Presumed to be 90+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal Cause1949/02/18 (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)n/a
Joel RifkinJoel the RipperConvicted of 9, Suspected in 17MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1959/01/20 (New York, USA)n/a
Reinaldo RiveraConvicted of 4MaleHispanicUSATerritorialSexualunk.n/a
Harvey Miguel Robinson3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1974/12/06 (Montana, USA)n/a
John Edward RobinsonThe Internet's First Serial Killer, The Slave Master8+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise1943/12/27 (Cicero, Illinois, USA)n/a
Sarah Jane Robinson8FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause, Criminal Enterprise1837 abt (Ireland)1906
Adolph James RodeCesar Barone5MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1960/12/04 (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Miami)n/a
Pedro Rodrigues FilhoPedrinho Matador (Little Peter the Killer)Convicted of 71; Confessed to 100+MaleHispanicBrazilStationaryUnknown1954 (Brazil)n/a
Antonio RodriguezThe Kensington Strangler3-4MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexualUnknownn/a
Dayton Leroy Rogers"6"MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1953/09/30 (Moscow, Idaho, USA)n/a
Glen Rogers"4+"MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1962/07/15n/a
Richard W. RogersLast Call Killer5+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialUnknownUnknownn/a
Daniel Harold Rolling"The Gainesville Ripper, James R. Kennedy8MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise1954/05/26 (Shreveport, Louisiana, USA)2006/10/25 (Lethal injection)
Robert Rose"2MaleBlackUSATerritorialCriminal Enterpriseunknownn/a
Michael Bruce Ross8MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1959/07/26 (Putnam, Connecticut, USA)2005/05/13 (Somers, Connecticut, USA; Lethal injection)
Randy Roth2MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1954/12/26n/a
Cheng RuilongConvicted of 11; Suspected of 13MaleAsianChineseNomadicUnknownUnknown2010/11/02 (Lethal injection)
Edward H. Rulloff5+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicPersonal Cause?, Criminal Enterprise?1819 abt1871
Paul RungeConvicted of 2; Confessed to 5 moreMaleCaucasianUSATerritorialabt 1970n/a
George Waterfield Russell, Jr.The Charmer, East Side Killer, Bellevue Killer3MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1958/04 (Florida, USA)n/a
Olga RutterschmidtOne of the Black Widow Murderers2FemaleCaucasianUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise1933n/a
Sergei RyakhovskyThe Hippopotamus, The Balashikha Ripper19+MaleCaucasianSoviet UnionTerritorialSexual1963 (Moscow, Russia)2005 (Tuberculosis
Joe Luis SaenzSuspected of 4MaleHispanicUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise, Sexual1975/08/04 (Los Angeles, California, USA)n/a
Kimberly Saenz5FemaleHispanicUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1974 (abt)n/a
Darya Nikolayevna SaltykovaThe Saltychikha38-147FemaleCaucasianRussiaStationarySexual17301801
Gary Lee Sampson3; Arguably more of a spree than a seriesMaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise1959n/a
Altemio SanchezThe Bike Path Killer, The Bike Path Rapist3+MaleHispanicUSATerritorialSexual1958/01/19 (San Sebastian, Puerto Rico, USA)n/a
William K. Sapp3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1963/03/22n/a
Viktor SayenkoOne of the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs21MaleCaucasianUkraineTerritorialPersonal Cause1988 (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)n/a
Gerard John Schaefer2-34MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1946/03/25 (Wisconsin, USA)1995/12/03 (Stabbed)
Charles Howard Schmid Jr.The Pied Piper of Tucson, Smitty3-4MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal Cause?1942/07/081975/03/30 (Stabbed)
Joseph SchwabThe Kimberley Killer5MaleCaucasianAustraliaNomadicUnknown1961 (Germany)1987/06 (Australia)
Sean Sellers3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialUnknown1969/05/181999/02/05 (Oklahoma, USA; Lethal injection)
Tommy Lynn SellsCoast to Coast Killer, The Cross Country Killer13+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise, Sexual1964/06/28 (Kingsport, Tennessee, USA)n/a
Jai ShankerJaishankar20MaleAsianIndiaNomadicSexual1978 (abt)n/a
John Shaw2MaleCaucasianIrelandNomadicSexual1942 (abt)n/a
Sebastian ShawJoe, Tony, Ito, Chau Quang Ho3+MaleAsianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1967/11/28n/a
Arthur ShawcrossThe Genesee River Killer, The Rochester Strangler14MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Personal Cause1945/06/06 (Kittery, Maine, USA)2008/11/10 (Cardiac arrest)
Lydia ShermanThe Queen Poisoner11+FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Causeunknown1878/05/16
Wesley ShermantineOne of the Speed Freak Killers4-24MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1971 (abt)n/a
Harold Frederick Shipman"Dr. Death, FreddieConvicted of 15; Suspected of 218+MaleCaucasianGreat BritainStationaryUnknown1946/01/14 (Nottingham, Great Britain)2004/01/13 (HM Prison Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Great Britain; Suicide)
Sarman ShivhareConfessed to 4; Believed to be involved in up to 19MaleAsianIndiaTerritorialCriminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a
Anthony Allen ShoreThe Tournequit Killer5MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1962/06/25 (Rapid City, South Dakota, USA)n/a
Robert Joseph Silveria Jr.The Boxcar Serial Killer, Sidetrack14; Some claim up to 100MaleCaucasianUSANomadicPersonal Cause, Criminal Enterprise1959/03/03 (Redwood City, California, USA)n/a
David SimelaneConvicted of 28; Charged with 34; Suspected of 45+MaleBlackSwazilandNomadicUnknown; Suspected to be Criminal Enterprise and/or Sexual1956 (abt)n/a
Moses SitholeThe ABC Murderer38+MaleBlackSouth AfricaNomadicSexual1964/11/17 (Vosloorus, South Africa)
Anatoly Slivko7MaleCaucasianRussia (Soviet Union)TerritorialSexual1938/12/28 (Izerbash, Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR)1989/09/16 (Novocherkassk, Russian SFSR, USSR; Executed by gunshot to the head)
Anthony Wayne SmithAccused of 4MaleBlackUSATerritorialCriminal Enterprise, Sadistic1967/06/28n/a
Lemuel Smith6MaleBlackUSATerritorialPersonal Cause, Sexual1941/07/22 (Amsterdam, New York, USA)n/a
Mark Allen Smith4+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1949 (abt)n/a
George Joseph SmithThe Brides in the Bath Murderer3MaleCaucasianUnited KingdomStationaryUnknown1872/01/11 (London, England, United Kingdom)1915/08/13 (Hanged)
Samuel L. Smithers2+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialUnknown1953/01/30 (Tennessee, USA)n/a
Edwin SnelgroveNed Snelgrove2+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1960/08/09n/a
Charles SobhrajThe Serpent, The Bikini Killer, Hatchand Bhaonani Gurumukh Charles Sobhraj12+MaleAsianThailand, Nepal, India, MalaysiaNomadicCriminal Enterprise1944/04/06 (Saigon, Cochinchina, French Indochina)n/a
Lyda SouthardTrueblood, Idaho's Lady Bluebeard, Anna Shaw6FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1892/10/16 (Kaytesville, Missouri, USA)1958/02/05 (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; Myocardial infarction)
Anthony SowellThe Cleveland Strangler11MaleBlackUSAStationarySexual1959/08/19n/aCurrently under trial (2011)
Robert SpahalskiBruce4MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1954/12/12 (Elmira, New York, USA)n/a
Robert Merlin SpanglerThe Black Widower4MaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1933/01/10 (Des Moines, Iowa, USA)2001/08/05 (Springfield, Missouri, USA)
Timothy Wilson SpencerThe Southside Strangler5MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual, SadisticUnknown1994/04/27 (Executed; Greensville Correctional Centre, Virginia, USA)
Frank Spisak3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialPersonal Cause1952 (abt)2011/02/17 (Lethal injection)
Edward SpreitzerMember of the Chicago Rippers; Member of the Ripper Crew18MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialGroup Cause, Sexual1958 (Illinois, USA)n/a
Michael St. Clair5MaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterpriseunknownn/a
Lucian StaniakThe Red Spider6MaleCaucasianPolandNomadicSexual1920'sunknown
Gerald Eugene StanoPaul Zeininger, Eugene Paul Stano41MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1951/09/12 (Schenectady, New York, USA)1998/03/23 (Starke, Florida, USA; Electric chair)
Charles Starkweather11MaleCaucasianUSANomadicPersonal Cause1938/11/24 (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA)1959/06/25 (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA; Electric chair)
Richard StarrettDannyConvicted of 1; Suspected of as many as 6 or 7 moreMaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1959/09/25n/a
Cary StaynerThe Yosemite Killer4MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1961/08/12n/a
John Straffen3MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialSexual1930/02/27 (Hempshire, England)2007/12/29
Peter StumppThe Werewolf of Bedbug, Abal Griswold, Abil Griswold, Ubel Griswold18+MaleCaucasianGermanyTerritorialSexualUnknown1589/10/31 (Executed)
William Lester SuffRiverside Prostitute Killer, Lake Elsinore Killer19MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1950/08/20 (Torrance, California, USA)n/a
Igor SuprunyuckOne of the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs21MaleCaucasianUkraineTerritorialPersonal Cause1988 (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)n/a
Ahmad SuradjiDatuk, Nasib Kelewang42MaleAsianIndonesiaTerritorialPersonal Cause1949/01/102008/07/10 (Firing squad)
Peter SutcliffeThe Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Coonan13MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialPersonal Cause1946/06/02 (Bingley, Yorkshire, Great Britain)n/a
Michael SwangoDavid J. Adams, Michael Kirk, Jack Kirk, Michael Swan4-60MaleCaucasianUSANomadicPersonal Cause1954/10/21 (Tacoma, Washington, USA)n/a
John SweeneyThe Canal Killer, The Scalp Hunter, Joe Johnson, Joe Carroll, Scouse Joe2+MaleCaucasianGreat Britain, The NetherlandsNomadicPersonal Cause1957 (abt)n/a
Thozamile TakiThe Sugarcane Serial Kilelr13MaleBlackSouth AfricaTerritorialCriminal Enterprise1971n/a
Gary Addison Taylor|Royal Oak Sniper|"4-24MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1936 (Michigan, USA)Unknown
Ginger TaylorOne of the McCrary Family22FemaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal EnterpriseUnknownUnknown
Raymond Carl TaylorOne of the McCrary Family22MaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise1934 (abt)Unknown
Vasile Tcaciuc26+MaleCaucasianRomaniaTerritorialCriminal EnterpriseUnknownUnknown
Sidney TeerhuisSydney Teerhuis-MoarConvicted of 1; Suspected of moreMaleCaucasianCanadaTerritorialSexualUnknownn/a
Bobbie Sue Terrell12FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal CauseUnknownn/a
Ludwig Tessnow3MaleCaucasianGermanyNomadicSexual18721904
John Floyd Thomas Jr.The Westside RapistConvicted of 7; Suspected of 10-15 moreMaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1936/07/26 (USA)n/a
Marybeth Tinning8FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1942/09/11 (Duanesburg, New York, USA)n/a
Serhiy TkachPologovsky Maniac36 Confirmed; Claimed 100+MaleCaucasianRussianTerritorialSexual1952/09/12 (Kiselyovsk, Russian SFSR)n/a
Peter TobinJames Kelly, John Tobin, Pat McLaughlin, Peter Britton, Peter McLaughlin, Peter Wilson, Stanley Taylor3+MaleCaucasianUnited KingdomNomadicSexual1946/08/27 (Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland)n/a
Ottis Toole3+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1947/03/05 (Jacksonville, Florida, USA)1996/09/15 (Liver failure)
Jane ToppanJolly Jane, Angel of Death31FemaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1857 (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)1938 (Taunton, Massachusetts, USA; Natural causes)Received sexual gratification from her poisonings
Lydia TruebloodThe Black Widow6FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal EnterpriseUnknown (Pocatello, Idaho)Unknown
Chester Turner11-15MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1966/11/05 (Warren, Arkansas, USA)n/a
Lynn TurnerJulia Lynn Womack2FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryPersonal Cause1968/07/13 (Texas, USA)2010/08/30 (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Johann Jack UnterwegerThe Pug Dumper, The Jesus Christ Jumper, The Vienna Strangler, The Poet of Death, Jack the Writer10-15MaleCaucasianGermany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, UASNomadicSexual, Sadistic1950/08/16 (Judenburg, Styria, Austria)1994/06/29 (Suicide)
Andrew UrdialesCorporal UrinalysisConvicted of 3; Suspected of 5 moreMaleHispanicUSANomadicSexualUnknownn/a
Joseph VacherThe French Ripper, L'éventreur du Sud-Est11+MaleCaucasianFranceNomadicSexual, Sadistic1869/11/16 (Beaufort, Isère, France)1898/12/31 (Guillotine)
Joran van der SlootConvicted of 1; Suspected of 1 moreMaleCaucasianAruba, PeruNomadicUnknown1987/08/06 (Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands)n/aQualification as serial killer is debatable
Patricia Vann Taylor AllansonDeadly Magnolia, Pat Taylor3FemaleCaucasianUSAStationaryCriminal Enterprise1937/08/22 (Wilmington, North Carolina, USA)n/a
Dorangel VargasEl Comegente, Hannibal Lecter of the Andes10+MaleCaucasianVenezuelaTerritorialPersonal Cause1957n/a
Bevan Spencer von EinemConvicted of 1; Suspected in 4 othersMaleCaucasianAustraliaTerritorialSexual, Sadistic1945n/a
Joshua Wade2+MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialCriminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a
Terilynn Wager9FemaleCaucasianUSAUnknownUnknownUnknownn/a
Waltraud WagnerOne of the Lainz Angels of Death49-200FemaleCaucasianAustriaStationaryPersonal Cause1960n/a
Lucky WardLawayne JacksonAccused of 5MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1964 (abt)n/a
Faryion WardripGonzo5MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1959/03/06 (Salem, Indiana, USA)n/a
Lesley Eugene WarrenThe Babyface Killer4-8MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1967/10/15 (Chandler, North Carolina, USA)n/a
Fred Waterfield6MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual, Sadistic1952/09/29 (New Jersey)n/a
Carl Eugene WattsCoral Watts, The Sunday Morning SlasherConvicted of 12; Suspected in 100MaleBlackUSATerritorialSadistic1953/11/07 (Killeen, Texas, USA)2007/09/21 (Jackson, Michigan, USA; Prostate cancer)
Fred WestThe House of Horrors10MaleCaucasianGreat BritainStationarySexual, Sadistic1941/09/29 (Much Marcle, Herefordshire, Great Britain)1995/01/01 (Birmingham, Great Britain; Suicide)
Rosemary WestThe House of Horrors10FemaleCaucasianGreat BritainStationarySexual, Sadistic1953/11/29 (Barnstaple, Devon, Great Britain)n/a
Christopher WilderThe Beauty Queen Killer8+MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual, Sadistic1945/03/13 (Sydney, Australia)1984/04/13 (Colebrook, New Hampshire, USA; Suicide by cop)
David Russell WilliamsThe Tweed Creeper2MaleCaucasianCanadaTerritorialSexual1963/03/07n/aFormer Colonel in the Canadian Forces.
Wayne WilliamsThe Atlanta Monster, The Atlanta Child Killer, The Atlanta Child Murderer2-31MaleBlackUSATerritorialSexual1958/05/27 (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)n/a
Cathy Wood5FemaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1962/03/07n/a
David Leonard Wood"6-9MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1957 (abt)n/a
James Edward WoodJames GodwinConvicted of 1; Believed to have killed dozensMaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1947/12/092004/02/01 (Heart attack)
Peter WoodcockDavid Michael Krueger4MaleCaucasianCanadaTerritorialSexual1939/03/05 (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)2010/03/05 (Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada)
Randall WoodfieldThe I-5 Killer, The I-5 Bandit18MaleCaucasianUSANomadicSexual1950/12/26n/a
Christopher Robin WorrellOne of the Truro Killers7MaleCaucasianAustraliaNomadicSexual, Sadistic19541977/02/19
Stephen Gerald James WrightIpswich Strangler5MaleCaucasianGreat BritainTerritorialPersonal Cause1958/04/24 (Norfolk, England)n/a
Aileen WuornosSandra Kretsch, Susan Lynn Blahovec, Lee Blahovec, Cammie Marsh Greene, Lori Kristine Grody7FemaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSadistic1956/02/26 (Rochester, Michigan, USA)2002/10/09 (Bradford County, Florida, USA; Lethal injection)
Yang XinhaiWang Ganggang, Yang Zhiya, Yang Liu67MaleAsianChinaNomadicSexual, Sadistic1968/07 (Zhumadian, Zhengyang County, Henan, China)2004/02/14 (Executed by gunshot)
Dmitriy YakovlevThe Vampire Serial KillerAccused of 3MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual?, Criminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a
Robert Lee Yates, Jr.Spokane Serial Killer14MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1952/05/27 (Whidbey Island, Washington, USA)n/a
Yoo Young-chul21MaleAsianSouth KoreaTerritorialSexual, Personal Cause1970n/a
Muhammad YousafAccused of 25MaleAsianPakistanTerritorialCriminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a
Charles YukiThe Piano Man, The Greenwich Village Murderer2MaleCaucasianUSATerritorialSexual1935 (Baltimore, MD, USA)1982/08/22 (Hanged himself)
YuliantoCharged with 3; Confessed to 6MaleAsianIndonesiaTerritorialCriminal Enterprise, Personal Cause1973 (abt)n/aCurrently on trial
Robert Joseph Zani6MaleCaucasianUSANomadicCriminal Enterprise1944/02/26 (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)n/a
Petr Zelenka7MaleCaucasianCzech RepublicStationaryPersonal Cause1976/02/27n/a
Zhang YongmingSuspected of 17MaleAsianChinaStationary or TerritorialUnknownUnknownn/a
Zhang Shuhong8MaleAsianChinaTerritorialSexual, Criminal EnterpriseUnknownn/a


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Doctors of DeathWensley ClarksonKim Cantrell Review
Driven to KillGary C. KingAmazon, Kindle eBook
Ed Gein -- Psycho!Paul Anthony WoodsAmazon
Encyclopedia of Serial KillersBrian LaneAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, TheMichael NewtonAmazon
End of Innocence, TheEstelle BlackburnKindle eBook
Entering Hades: The Double Life of a Serial KillerJohn LeakeAmazon
Escape from EvilCathy WilsonAmazon
Every Move You MakeM. William PhelpsAmazon, Audible.com
Evil Beyond BeliefWensley ClarksonAmazon
Evil EyesCorey MitchellAmazon
Evil Love, AnGeoffrey WansellAmazon
Evil Minds: Understanding and Responding to Violent PredatorsRobert J. Meadows and Julie KuehnelAmazon
Evil PsychopathsGordon KerrKindle eBook
Evil SecretsKathy BraidhillAmazon
Evil That Men Do, The: FBI Profiler Roy Hazelwood's Journey into the Minds of Sexual PredatorsStephen G. Michaud, Roy HazelwoodAmazon, Kindle eBook
Evil WivesJohn MarloweAmazon
Execution of a Serial Killer, The: One Man's Experience Witnessing the Death PenaltyJoseph D. DiazAmazon
Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass MurderJames Alan Fox and Jack LevinAmazon
Eyeball Killer, TheJohn Matthews and Christine WickerAmazon
Eye of the Beast: The True Story of Serial Killer James WoodTerry Adams, Mary Brooks-Mueller, and Scott ShawAmazon
Face to Face with Evil: Conversations with Ian BradyChris CowleyAmazon
Family Bones Volume 1: Based on a True StoryGranger, ShawnAmazon, Kindle eBook
Family Bones Volume 1: Based on a True StoryGranger, ShawnAmazon, Kindle eBook
Fatal : The Poisonous Life of a Female Serial KillerHarold SchechterAmazon
Fatal Charm: The Shocking True Story of Serial Wife Killer Randy RothCarlton SmithAmazon
Father's Story, ALionel DahmerAmazon
FBI Handbook of Crime Scene ForensicsFederal Bureau of InvestigationAmazon, Kindle eBook
Female Homicide Offender, The: Serial Murder and the Case of Aileen WuornosStacey L. Shipley and Bruce A. ArrigoAmazon
Female Serial Killers: How and Why Women Become MonstersPeter VronskyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Fiend: The Shocking True Story Of Americas Youngest Serial KillerHarold SchechterAmazon
Final Truth : The Autobiography of a Serial KillerDonald H. Gaskins and Wilton EarleAmazon
Finding Karla: How I Tracked Down an Elusive Serial Child Killer and Discovered a Mother of ThreePaula ToddKindle eBook
Forensic and Medico-legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual PracticesAnil AggrawalAmazon, Kindle eBook
Forensic Casebook, The: The Science of Crime Scene InvestigationNgaire E. GengeAmazon, Kindle eBook
Forensic CriminologyWayne Petherick, Brent Turvey, Claire FergusonAmazon
Forensic Psychologists Casebook: Psychological profiling and criminal investigationLaurence AlisonAmazon
Forensic PsychologySolomon M. Fulero and Lawrence S. WrightsmanAmazon
Forensic Psychology: A Very Short IntroductionDavid CanterAmazon, Kindle eBook
Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds, TheKatherine RamslandAmazon, Kindle eBook
Forensic Victimology: Examining Violent Crime Victims in Investigative and Legal ContextsBrent E. Turvey and Wayne PetherickAmazon, Kindle eBook
Forever and Five DaysLowell CauffielAmazon
Fred & Rose: The Full Story of Fred and Rose West and the Gloucester House of HorrorsHoward SounesAmazon
Freed to Kill: The True Story of Serial Murderer Larry EylerGera-Lind KolarikAmazon
From Cradle to GraveJoyce EggintonAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review"
From the Mouth of the Monster: The Joel Rifkin StoryRobert MladinichAmazon, Kindle eBook
Gainesville Ripper, The: A Summer's Madness, Five Young Victims- The Investigation, the Arrest and the TrialMark RyzukAmazon, Judi Roth Crippen Review
Garden of Graves: The Shocking True Story of Long Island Serial Killer Joel RikfinMaria EftimiadesAmazon
Gary Ridgway: The Green River KillerThe staff of the King County JournalAmazon
Gates of Janus, The: Serial Killing and Its AnalysisIan Brady, Colin Wilson, Peter Sotos, Alan KeightleyAmazon
Geographic ProfilingD. Kim RossmoAmazon, Kindle eBook
Girls in the Nightmare House, TheCharles BoswellAmazon
Good-bye Door, The: The Incredible True Story of America's First Female Serial Killer to Die in the ChairDiana Britt FranklinAmazon
Good Doctor, TheWensley ClarksonAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Green River Killer: A True Detective StoryJeff Jensen and Jonathan CaseAmazon
Green River, Running Red: The Real Story of the Green River Killer--America's Deadliest Serial MurdererAnn RuleAmazon, Kindle eBook, Audible.com
Green River Serial Killer - Biography of an Unsuspecting WifePennie MoreheadAmazon
Hand of Death: The Henry Lee Lucas StoryMax CallAmazon
Happy Like MurderersGordon BurnAmazon
Hard Evidence: Case Studies in Forensic AnthropologyDawnie W. SteadmanAmazon
Harpe: America's First Serial KillersChad Kinkle and Adam ShawAmazon
Harpe's Last Rampage, The: The True Story Of America's First Serial KillersE. Don HarpKindle eBook
Hello Charlie: Letters from a Serial KillerCharlie Hess, Davin SeayAmazon, Kindle eBook
Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson MurdersVincent Bugliosi and Curt GentryAmazon, Kindle eBook, Audible.com
Henry Lee Lucas: The Shocking True Story of America's Most Notorious Serial KillerJoel NorrisAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Highway to Nowhere: The Chilling True Story of the Backpacker MurdersRichard ShearsAmazon
Hillside Strangler, The: The Three Faces of America's Most Savage Rapist and Murderer and the Shocking Revelations from the Sensational Los Angeles Trial!Ted SchwarzAmazon, Kindle eBook
Hillside Stranglers, TheDarcy O'BrienAmazon
Holmes-Pitezel Case, The: A History of Greatest Crime of the CountryFrank GeyerAmazon
Holmes' Own StoryH. H. HolmesAmazon
Hometown KillerCarol RothgebAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
House to Remember, A - 10 Rillington PlaceEdna Gammon, Chris Newton and Ray LipscombeKindle eBook
How a Colonel Became a KillerCal Millar and Ian RobertsonAmazon
How I Survived Henry Lucas: Living with a Serial KillerRhonda KnucklesAmazon
How to Make a Serial Killer: The Twisted Development of Innocent Children into the World's Most Sadistic MurderersChristopher Berry-Dee and Steven MorrisAmazon, Kindle eBook
Human Harvest: The Sacramento Murder StoryDaniel J. BlackburnAmazon
Human Predator, The: A Historical Chronicle of Serial Murder and Forensic InvestigationKatherine RamslandAmazon
Hunting Humans: The Rise of the Modern Multiple MurdererElliot LeytonAmazon
Hunting Serial PredatorsMaurice GodwinAmazon
Hunting Serial Predators: A Multivariate Classification Approach to Profiling Violent BehaviorGrover Maurice GodwinAmazon
Hunting the Devil/Pursuit, Capture and Confession of the Most Savage Serial Killer in HistoryRichard LourieAmazon
I-5 Killer, TheAnn Rule and Andy StackAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
I-57 Murderer, The: The Story Of Henry BrisbonJames RomeroAmazon
I: The Creation of a Serial KillerJack OlsenAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
I Have Lived in the Monster: Inside the Minds of the World's Most Notorious Serial KillersRobert K. Ressler and Tom ShachtmanAmazon
I Know My First Name Is StevenMike EcholsAmazon
I Would Find a Girl WalkingKathy Kelly and Diana MontaneAmazon, Kindle eBook
In Cold Pursuit: My Hunt for Timothy Krajcir - The Notorious Serial KillerPaul Echols and Christine ByersAmazon
Infamous Burke and Hare, The: Serial Killers and Resurrectionists of Nineteenth Century EdinburghR. Michael GordonAmazon, Kindle eBook
Infamous Lady: The True Story of Countess Erzsébet BáthoryKimberly L. CraftAmazon
Infinity of Darkness: An Analysis of Mass Murderers and Serial Killers and Why They KillJerry SummersKindle eBook
Innocent BloodTerry GaneyAmazon
Inside the Criminal MindStanton SamenowAmazon
Inside the Mind of BTK: The True Story Behind the Thirty-Year Hunt for the Notorious Wichita Serial KillerJohn Douglas and Johnny DoddAmazon, Kindle eBook
Inside the Minds of Healthcare Serial Killers: Why They KillKatherine RamslandAmazon, Kindle eBook
Inside the Minds of Sexual PredatorsKatherine Ramsland and Patrick N. McGrainAmazon
Internet Slave MasterJohn GlattAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
In His Garden: The Anatomy of a MurdererLeo DamoreAmazon
In the Minds of Murderers: The Inside Story of Criminal ProfilingPaul RolandAmazon
In the Wake of the Butcher : Cleveland's Torso MurdersJames Jessen BadalAmazon
Into the Minds of Madmen: How the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit Revolutionized Crime InvestigationDon DeNevi, John H. Campbell, Stephen Band, John E. OttoAmazon
Into the WaterDianne FanningAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Introduction to Forensic Psychology: Research and ApplicationCurt R. Bartol, Anne M. BartolAmazon, Kindle eBook
Investigative Psychology: Offender Profiling and the Analysis of Criminal ActionDavid Canter, Donna YoungsAmazon
Invisible Darkness: The Strange Case Of Paul Bernardo and Karla HomolkaStephen WilliamsAmazon, Kindle eBook
In with the Devil: A Fallen Hero, a Serial Killer, and a Dangerous Bargain for RedemptionJames Keene and Hillel LevinAmazon, Kindle eBook
Ivan Milat: Serial KillerJohn H. DawsonKindle eBook
I Would Find A Girl WalkingKathy Kelly and Diane MontaineAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
I'll Be Watching YouM. William PhelpsAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review, Audible.com
I'm Just an Ordinary Girl: The Sharon Kinne StoryJames HaysAmazon, Kindle eBook
I've Been Watching You: The South Louisiana Serial KillerSusan MustafaAmazon
Jack the Ripper: A Bibliography and Review of the LiteratureAlexander Kelly and Colin WilsonAmazon
Jack the Ripper: Crime, War & ConflictiMindsKindle eBook, Audible.com
Jack the Ripper: Summing Up and VerdictColin Wilson, Robin Odell, and J.H.H. GauteAmazon
Jack the Ripper: The Pocket Essential GuideMark Whitehead and Miriam RivettAmazon, Kindle eBook, Audible.com
Jeffery Dahmer: A Bizarre Journey into the Mind of America's Most Tormented Serial KillerJoel NorrisAmazon
Jeffrey Dahmer Story, The: An American NightmareDonald A. DavisAmazon
Jeffrey Dahmer's Dirty Secret: The Unsolved Murder of Adam WalshArthur Jay HarrisAmazon, Kindle eBook
John Wayne Gacy: Defending a MonsterSam L. Amirante, Danny Broderick, and Vincent BugliosiAmazon, Amazon
Journey Into DarknessJohn Douglas and Mark OlshakerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Just Another Indian: A Serial Killer and Canada's IndifferenceWarren GouldingAmazon
Killer Among Us: Public Reactions to Serial MurderJoseph C. FisherAmazon
Killer Book of Serial Killers, The: Incredible Stories, Facts and Trivia from the World of Serial KillersTom PhilbinAmazon, Kindle eBook
Killer Clown: John Wayne: The John Wayne Gacy MurdersTerry Sullivan and Peter MaikenAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Killer Department, The: Viktor Burakov's eight-Year Hunt for the Most Savage Serial Killer in Russian HistoryRobert CullenAmazon
Killer of Little Shepherds, The: A True Crime Story and the Birth of Forensic ScienceDouglas StarrAmazon, Kindle eBook, Audible.com
Killer on CampusJames Fox and Jack LevinAmazon
Killers: The Most Barbaric Murderers of our TimesNigel CawthorneAmazon, Kindle eBook
Killers Among Us, The: Examination of Serial Murder and Its InvestigationsSteven A. EggerAmazon
Killing for Company-The Story of a Man Addicted to MurderBrian MastersAmazon, Kindle eBook
Killing for Sport: Inside the Minds of Serial KillersPat BrownAmazon, Audible.com
Killing TimeSandy FawkesAmazon
Knick-Knack Man, The: Inside the Mind of Australia's Most Deranged Serial KillerPaul B. KiddAmazon
Lady Killer: How Conman Bruce Burrell Kidnapped and Killed Rich Women for Their MoneyCandace Sutton and Ellen ConnollyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Lambs to the Slaughter: Inside the Depraved Mind of Child-Killer Derek Ernest PercyDebi MarshallAmazon, Kindle eBook
Last Victim, The: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial KillerJason Moss and Jeffrey KottlerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Laughing Gorilla, The: The True Story of the Hunt for One of America's First Serial KillersRobert GraysmithAmazon, Kindle eBook
Lemuel Smith and the Compulsion To Kill: The Forensic Story of a Multiple Personality Serial KillerDenis FoleyAmazon
Lethal Friendship: A Mother's Battle to Put--and Keep--a Serial Killer Behind BarsSue YoungAmazon
Lethal IntentSue RussellAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Lethal Marriage: The Unspeakable Crimes of Paul Bernardo and Karla HomolkaNick PronAmazon, Kindle eBook
Lethal Shadow: The Chilling True-Crime Story of a Sadistic Sex SlayerStephen G. MichaudAmazon
Leyenda Del Petiso Orejudo (Legend of the Big Ear Pest)Leonel ContrerasAmazon
Life Among the Serial Killers. My: Inside the Minds of the World's Most Notorious MurderersHelen Morrison and Harold GoldbergAmazon, Kindle eBook, Audible.com
Life and Crimes of Charles SobhrajRichard NevilleAmazon
Lilacs in the Rain: The Shocking Story of Connecticut's Shaken-Baby Serial KillerJames PeinkoferAmazon
Lost Girl, The: How I Triumphed Over Life at the Mercy of Fred and Rose WestCaroline RobertsAmazon
Lust KillerAnn RuleAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Lustmord: The Writings and Artifacts of MurderersBrian KingAmazon
Making of a Serial Killer, TheJohn Philpin and John DonnellyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Mammoth Book of Women Who Kill, TheRichard Glyn JonesAmazon
Maniac in the Bushes, The: More True Tales of Cleveland Crime and DisasterJohn Stark Bellamy IIAmazon
Manson in His Own Words: The Shocking Confessions of 'The Most Dangerous Man Alive'Charles Manson and Nuel EmmonsAmazon
Manuel: Scotland's First Serial KillerAllan M. NicolAmazon
Man Who Could Not Kill Enough, The: The Secret Murders of Milwaukee's Jeffrey DahmerAnne E. SchwartzAmazon
Man Who Killed Boys, The: The John Wayne Gacy, Jr. StoryClifford L. LinedeckerAmazon
Man with the Candy, TheJack OlsenAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Manhunters: Criminal Profilers and Their Search for the World's Most Wanted Serial KillersColin WilsonAmazon
Mapping MurderDavid CanterAmazon
Massacre in MilwaukeeRichard W. Jaeger and M. William BalousekAmazon
Measure of Madness, The: Inside the Disturbed and Disturbing Criminal MindCheryl Paradis, Katherine RamslandAmazon, Kindle eBook
Media Representations of Myra HindleyLesley McLaughlinAmazon
Michigan Murders, TheEdward Keyes, Mardi Link, and Laura JamesAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review"
Milat: The Full Horror of the Backpack MurdersRoger Maynard
Mind for Murder, A: The Education of the Unabomber and the Origins of Modern TerrorismAlston ChaseAmazon
Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime UnitJohn Douglas and Mark OlshakerAmazon
Misbegotten Son, The: The True Story of Arthur J. ShawcrossJack OlsenAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Mistress of Murder Hill, The: The Serial Killings of Belle GunnessSylvia Elizabeth ShepherdAmazon
Mommy DeadliestMichael BensonAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
MonsterSteve JacksonAmazon
Monster: My True StoryAileen Wuornos and Christopher Berry-DeeAmazon
Monster ButlerNorman Lucas and Philip DaviesAmazon
Monster Butler, TheAllan NicolAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Monster of Dusseldorf, The: The Life and Trial of Peter KürtenMargaret Seaton WagnerAmazon
Monster of Florence, TheDouglas Preston and Mario SpeziAmazon, Kindle eBook, Audible.com
Monsters in Wiemar, TheColin WilsonAmazon
Monster SlayerRobert ScottAmazon
Monsters of the Moors, The: The full account of the Brady-Hindley caseJohn Deane PotterAmazon
Most Evil: Avenger, Zodiac, and the Further Serial Murders of Dr. George Hill HodelSteve Hodel and Ralph PezzulloAmazon, Kindle eBook
Mother's DayDennis McDougalAmazon
Mulberry Lane: Based on the Shocking, True Events of Serial Killer H.H. Holmes!Colby Van WagonerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Murder at YosemiteCarlton SmithAmazon
Murder on the RailsWilliam G. Palmini Jr. and Tanya ChalupaAmazon
My Friend Dahmer (Graphic Novel)Derf BackderfAmazon
Myra Hindley: Inside the Mind of a MurderessJean RitchieAmazon
Natural Born Celebrities: Serial Killers in American CultureDavid SchmidAmazon, Kindle eBook
Natural Born Killer: In Love and on the Road with a Serial KillerSandy FawkesAmazon
Need to Kill, AMark PettitAmazon
Need to Kill, The: Inside the World of the Serial KillerSteven A. EggerAmazon
Never to Be ReleasedPaul B. KiddAmazon
New Kind of Monster, A: The Secret Life and Shocking True Crimes of an Officer...and a MurdererTimothy ApplebyAmazon, Kindle eBook
New Predator, The: Profiles Of Female Serial KillersDeborah Shurman-KauflinAmazon
Nightmare in Wichita: The Hunt for the BTK StranglerRobert BeattieAmazon, Kindle eBook
Night StalkerClifford L. LinedeckerAmazon
Night Stalker, ThePhilip CarloAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
No Place SafeKim ReidAmazon, Kindle eBook
No RemorseBob StewartAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Nobody's WomenSteve MillerAmazon, Kindle eBook
ObsessionJohn Douglas and Mark OlshakerAmazon, Audible.com
Of Men And Monsters: Jeffrey Dahmer And The Construction of the Serial KillerRichard Tithecott and James R. KincaidAmazon
One of Your Own: The Life and Death of Myra HindleyCarol Ann LeeAmazon
One of Your Own: The Life and Death of Myra HindleyCarol Ann LeeAmazon
One Was Not Enough: Stories of Multiple MurderersGeorgina LloydAmazon
Only Living Witness, The: The True Story of Serial Sex Killer Ted BundyStephen G. Michaud and Hugh AynesworthAmazon, Kindle eBook
On the Farm: Robert William Pickton and the Tragic Story of Vancouver's Missing WomenStevie CameronKindle eBook
OutcryHarold SchechterAmazon
Out of the ShadowsAnne Marie West and Virginia HillAmazon
Palmetto Predators: Monsters Among UsMark R. JonesAmazon
Panzram: A Journal of MurderThomas E. GaddisAmazon
Paul's Case: The Kingston LettersLynn CrosbieAmazon
Pee Wee Gaskins: America's No. 1 Serial KillerJohn Chandler GriffinAmazon
Perfect JusticeDon LasseterAmazon
Perfect Poison: A Female Serial Killer's Deadly MedicineM. William PhelpsAmazon, Kindle eBook, Audible.com, Kim Cantrell Review
Peter Kürten: A Study in SadismGeorge Godwin
Peter Manuel, Serial KillerHector McLeod and Malcolm McLeodAmazon
Piano Teacher, The: The True Story of a Psychotic KillerRobert K. Tanenbaum and Peter S. GreenbergAmazon, Kindle eBook,, Kim Cantrell Review
Pickton File, TheStevie CameronAmazon, Kindle eBook
Poison: From Steeltown to the Punjab, The True Story of a Serial KillerJon WellsAmazon, Kindle eBook
Poisoned Blood: True Story of Marie Hilley, Cold-blooded KillerPhilip E. GinsbergAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Poisoned VowsClifford L. LinedeckerAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Portrait Of A Killer: Jack The Ripper -- Case ClosedPatricia CornwellAmazon, Kindle eBook, Audible.com
Postcard Killer, The: The True Story of J. Frank HickeyVance McLaughlinAmazon
Practical Homicide InvestigationVernon J. GeberthAmazon, Kindle eBook
PredatorSteven WalkerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Profiler, The: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and PsychopathsPat Brown, Bob AndelmanAmazon, Kindle eBook
Profilers: Leading Investigators Take You Inside The Criminal MindDon Denevi, John H. CampbellAmazon, Kindle eBook
Profiling Serial Killers: And Other Crimes in South AfricaMicki PistoriusAmazon
Profiling Violent Crimes: An Investigative ToolRonald M. Holmes and Stephen T. HolmesAmazon
Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial MurderDavid McGowanAmazon
Prostitute Murders, The: The People Vs. Richard CottinghamRod LeithAmazon
Psychology of Lust Murder, The: Paraphilia, Sexual Killing, and Serial HomicideCatherine Purcell and Bruce A. ArrigoAmazon, Kindle eBook
Psychology of Serial Killer Investigations, The: The Grisly Business UnitRobert D. Keppel and William J. BirnesAmazon, Kindle eBook
Psychopathology of Serial Murder: A Theory of ViolenceStephen J. GiannangeloAmazon, Kindle eBook
Psychopathy, Perversion, and Lust Homicide: Recognizing the Mental Disorders the Power Serial KillersDuane L. DobbertAmazon
Psychopath, The: Emotion and the BrainJames Blair, Derek Mitchell, Karina BlairAmazon, Kindle eBook
Psycho Paths: Tracking the Serial Killer Through Contemporary American Film and FictionPhilip SimpsonAmazon
Psychopath Test, The: A Journey Through the Madness IndustryJon RonsonAmazon, Kindle eBook
Psychopathy, Perversion, and Lust Homicide: Recognizing the Mental Disorders That Power Serial KillersDuane L. DobbertAmazon
Railroad Killer, The: The Shocking True Story of Angel Maturino Resendez and His Alleged Trail of DeathWensley ClarksonAmazon
Resurrection: Rebirth of the Terrible HarpesE. Don HarpAmazon
Right to Counsel: A Lawyer's Struggle to Defend a Serial KillerJames PottsAmazon, Kindle eBook
Rights of BurialTom Jackman and Troy ColAmazon
Riverman, The: Ted Bundy and I Hunt for the Green River KillerRobert KeppelAmazon, Kindle eBook
River of Blood: Serial Killers and their VictimsAmanda Howard and Martin SmithAmazon
Riverside Killer, TheChristine Keers and Dennis St. PierreAmazon
Road Out of Hell, The: Sanford Clark and the True Story of the Wineville MurdersAnthony Flacco, Jerry Clark, Michael StoneAmazon, Kindle eBook
Roadside PreyA. BushAmazon
Road to Yuba City, The: A journey into the Juan Corona murdersTracy KidderAmazon
Romeo KillerWensley ClarksonAmazon
Rope: The Twisted Life and Crimes of Harvey GlatmanMichael NewtonAmazon
Rope BurnsRobert ScottAmazon
Sadistic Killers: Profiles of Pathological PredatorsCarol Anne DavisAmazon
Savage VengenceGary C. KingAmazon
Scream at the Sky: Five Texas Murders and One Man's Crusade for JusticeCarlton StowersAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Search for the Green River Killer, TheCarlton Smith and Tomas GuillenAmazon
Search for the Strangler: My Hunt for Boston's Most Notorious KillerCasey Serman and Dick LehrAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Crime: Theoretical and Practical Issues in Behavioral ProfilingWayne PetherickAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killer, A: David Berkowitz Son of Sam/Son of HopeStephen Cender and Kenneth CenderAmazon
Serial Killer CouplesR. Barri FlowersAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killer Files, The: The Who, What, Where, How, and Why of the World's Most Terrifying MurderersHarold SchechterAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killer Investigations: The Story of Forensics and Profiling through the Hunt for the World's Worst MurderersColin WilsonAmazon
Serial Killer Letters, The: A Penetrating Look Inside the Minds of MurderersJennifer FurioAmazon
Serial KillersJoel NorrisAmazon
Serial Killers, The: A Study in the Psychology of ViolenceColin Wilson and Donald SeamanAmazon
Serial Killers: Butchers and CannibalsNigel BlundellKim Cantrell Review
Serial Killers: Death and Life in America's Wound CultureMark SeltzerAmazon
Serial Killers: Hunting Britons and Their Victims, 1960-2006David WilsonAmazon
Serial Killers: Issues Explored Through the Green River MurdersTomas GullienAmazon
Serial Killers: Murder Without MercyNigel BlundellAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Serial Killers: The Growing MenaceJoel NorrisAmazon
Serial Killers: The Insatiable PassionDavid LesterAmazon
Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of MonstersPeter VronskyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killers: The World's Most EvilNigel BlundellKim Cantrell Review
Serial Killers and Mass Murderers: Profiles of the World's Most Barbaric CriminalsNigel CawthorneAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killers and Sadistic Murderers - Up Close and PersonalJack LevinAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killers Up Close and Very Personal: My Death Row Interviews with the Most Dangerous Men on the PlanetVictoria RedstallAmazon
Serial Killer Timelines: Illustrated Day-by-Day Accounts of the World's Most Gruesome MurdersChris McNabAmazon
Serial Killer Whisperer, The: How One Man's Tragedy Helped Unlock the Deadliest Secrets of the World's Most Terrifying KillersPete EarleyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killer's Apprentice: And 12 Other True Stories of Cleveland's Most Intriguing Unsolved CrimesJames RennerAmazon
Serial Killer's Soul, The: Jeffrey Dahmer's Cell Block Confidante Reveals AllHerman Martin and Patricia LorenzAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Killing for Profit: Multiple Murder for MoneyDirk. C. GibsonAmazon
Serial MurderRonald M. Holmes and Stephen T. HolmesAmazon
Serial Murder 101Bridget DiCosmoAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Serial Murder: An Elusive PhenomenonSteven A. EggerAmazon
Serial Murder: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives For InvestigatorsU.S. Department of JusticeKindle eBook
Serial Murder and Media CircusesDirk C. GibsonAmazon
Serial Murderers and their VictimsEric W. HickeyAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Offenders: Current Thought, Recent FindingsLouis B. SchlesingerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Serial Offenders: Theory and PracticeKevin Borgeson and Kristen KuehnleAmazon
Serial Thrill KillersClifford L. LinedeckerAmazon
Serial Violence: Analysis of Modus Operandi and Signature Characteristics of KillersRobert D. Keppel and William J. BirnesAmazon, Kindle eBook
SerpentineThomas ThompsonAmazon
Servant Girl Murders, The: Austin, Texas 1885J.R. GallowayAmazon, Kindle eBook
Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation: Practical and Clinical PerspectivesVernon J. GeberthAmazon
Sex Crimes: Patterns and BehaviorRonald M. Holmes and Stephen T. HolmesAmazon
Sex Crimes and ParaphiliaEric W. HickeyAmazon
Sex Slave Murders, The: The Horrifying True Story of America's First Husband-and-Wife Serial KillersR. Barri FlowersKindle eBook
Sexual Deviance: Theory, Assessment, and TreatmentD. Richard Laws and William T. O'DonohueAmazon
Sexual Homicide: Patterns and MotivesJohn Douglas, Ann W. Burgess, and Robert K. ResslerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Sexual Murder: Catathymic and Compulsive HomicidesLouis B. SchlesingerAmazon, Kindle eBook
Shared Madness: True Stories of Couples Who KillChristopher Berry-DeeAmazon
Shattered Silence: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer's DaughterMelissa G. Moore, M. Bridget CookAmazon, Kindle eBook
She Devils: True Stories of the World's Most Notorious Female Serial KillersAnne McDuffAmazon
She Had No Enemies: How I Turned My Sister's Death by a Serial Killer Into Something Positive in my LifeDennis FlemingAmazon
She Must Have Known: The Trial of Rosemary WestBrian MastersAmazon
Shoemaker, The : The Anatomy of a PsychoticFlora Rheta SchrieberAmazon
Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer, TheBrian MastersAmazon
Signature KillersRobert D. KeppelAmazon, Kindle eBook
Sings of the Brother: The Definitive Story of Ivan Milat and the Backpacker MurdersMark WhittakerAmazon
Sleep In Heavenly PeaceM. William PhelpsAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review, Audible.com
Sleep My Little Dead: The True Story of the Zodiac KillerKieran CrowleyAmazon, Kindle eBook
SLK-Serial KillerEd CoetAmazon, Kindle eBook
Slow DeathJames FielderAmazon
Smoldering EmbersJoy Wellman, Susan Roplogle, and Lisa McVeyAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Smooth Operator: The True Story of Seductive Serial Killer Glen RogersClifford L. LinedeckerAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Sniper: Inside the Hunt for the Killers Who Terrorized the NationSari Horwitz and Michael RuaneAmazon, Kindle eBook
Snowtown Murders, The: The real story behind the bodies-in-the-barrels killingsAndrew McGarryAmazon
Somebody's Husband, Somebody's SonGordon BurnAmazon
Son of HopeDavid BerkowitzAmazon
Starkweather: A Story of Mass Murder on the Great PlainsJeff O'DonnellAmazon
Starkweather: Inside the Mind of a Teenage KillerWilliam AllenAmazon
Step into My Parlor: The Chilling Story of Serial Killer Jeffrey DahmerEdward BaumannAmazon
Strange Case Of Dr. H.H. Holmes, TheJohn BorowskiAmazon
Stranger Beside Me, TheAnn RuleAmazon
Strangers on the Street: Serial Homicide in South AfricaMicki PistoriusAmazon
StranglerCorey MitchellAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Suddenly Gone: The Terrifying True Story of a Serial Killer's Grisly Kidnapping-Murders of Three Young WomenDan MitrioneAmazon, Kim Cantrell Review
Sunset Murders, TheLouise FarrAmazon
Talking with Serial Killers: The Most Evil People in the World Tell Their Own StoriesChristopher Berry-DeeAmazon
Team Killers: A Comparitive Study of Collaborative KillersJennifer FurioAmazon
Teasing Secrets from the Dead: My Investigations at America's Most Infamous Crime ScenesEmily CraigAmazon, Kindle eBook
Technological Slavery: The Collected Writings of Theodore J. Kaczynski, a.k.a. "The Unabomber"Theodore J. Kaczynski and David SkrbinaAmazon, Kindle eBook
Ted Bundy : Conversations with a KillerStephen G. Michaud and Hugh AynesworthAmazon, Kindle eBook
Ten Rillington PlaceLudovic KennedyAmazon
Tender Murderers: Women Who KillTrina Robbins and Max Allan CollinsAmazon, Kindle eBook
Terilynn: Based On The True Story of America's Youngest Serial KillerWilton EarleAmazon
Terrible Secrets: Ted Bundy on Serial MurderRobert D. Keppel and Stephen G. MichaudKindle eBook
There But For the Grace of God: Survivors of the 20th Century's Infamous Serial KillersFred RosenAmazon, Kindle eBook
Things a Killer Would Know: The True Story of Leonard FraserPaula DonemanAmazon
This Is the Zodiac Speaking: Into the Mind of a Serial KillerMichael D. Kelleher and David Van NuysAmazon
Though Murder Has No Tongue: The Lost Victim of Cleveland's Mad ButcherJames Jessen Badal and Cathleen A. CernyAmazon
Three Weeks in OctoberCharles A. Moose and Charles FlemingAmazon, Kindle eBook
Thrill KillersClifford L. LinedeckerAmazon
Through the Window: The Terrifying True Story of Cross-Country Killer Tommy Lynn SellsDiane FanningAmazon, Kindle eBook, Kim Cantrell Review
Thug: The True Story of India's Murderous CultMike DashAmazon
To Die For: The Shocking True Story of Serial Killer Dana Sue GrayKathy BraidhillAmazon
To Kill and Kill Again: The Chilling True Confessions of a Serial KillerRoy Archibald HallAmazon
Torso: The Story of Eliot Ness and the Search for a Psychopathic KillerSteven NickelAmazon
Torso Killer, TheRod LeithAmazon
TorsosJohn Peyton CookeAmazon
Torture Doctor, TheDavid FrankeAmazon
Tracker: Hunting Down Serial KillersMaurice Godwin and Fred RosenAmazon
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Women, Murder and Femininity: Gender Representations of Women Who KillElizabeth SealAmazon
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ZodiacAmazon (DVD), Amazon (Blue-ray)

The Zodiac Killer’s known murder series began in 1968 and ended in 1969, though some believe it started in 1966 ended in 1972. There was no preference for the sex or body type of victims. The first confirmed victims of the Zodiac Killer were 2 couples who were shot to death while parked at different areas, which were considered to be lovers’ lanes. In one instance, a male, Michael Magneau, survived the attack after being shot more than 4 times. Magneau described the Zodiac Killer as heavyset male, was around 5″8 in height and claimed that the shooter was driving brown car. It is thought that the murderer would use a bright light so that it would be difficult for victims to see his face. Most of the Zodiac Killer’s victims were shot to death, but in one instance a couple, who were picnicking, were stabbed. The female, Cecelia Shepard, died but the male, Bryan Hartnell, managed to survive. Although most of the victims were couples, the Zodiac was also known to have murdered a taxi cab driver.

On August 1, 1969, after 2 attacks had taken place, the Zodiac Killer began to write letters to the Vallejo Times Herald, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the San Francisco Examiner. These letters claimed that the person who was writing them took responsibility for the attacks and murders. In each of the letters was one-third of a cryptogram, in which the killer demanded be printed on the front page of each paper. On August 7, 1969 the killer wrote a second letter and referred to himself as the “Zodiac”. He gave many details about the murders which were unknown by the public.

In total, there are 5 known victims and 4 suspected victims of the Zodiac Killer, though he claimed to have murdered 37 people. Although detectives have a small list of potential suspects there have been no formal charges pressed against anyone. The case was marked inactive in 2004, but reopened in 2007. Much of the evidence, which has been brought forward against suspects since 2007, has been deemed inconclusive.

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